[Scummvm-devel] File handling revamp

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Fri Aug 1 16:23:08 CEST 2008

Am Fr, 1.08.2008, 13:30, schrieb Torbjörn Andersson:
> Max Horn wrote:
>> Hu? No, the String class has nothing to do with it. The only thing that
>> is
>> relevant here is that currently we alreays open files in binary mode,
>> never in text mode, hence the system does not perform automatic endline
>> conversion for us.
> I probably misunderstood him. (Or maybe he was talking about residual,
> but that might not make any difference either.)

I just checked the logs. I guess what he meant was that writeString is
simply using the same code as writeByte, so that it doesn't make a
difference whether you write the char '\n' or the string "\n". True enough

>> Could you remind me again why we need to support this for anything but
>> config files? :)
> I can't think of anything. I was thinking of a separate function because
> the config manager writes newlines in a couple of places.


Well then the quick&dirty and practical fix would be to just augment
config-manager (and config-file ?). A more generic but still simple
solution would be to add a new method
int WriteStream::writeEndline() {
#ifdef WIN
  return writeString("\r\n"); // or was it the other way around? Anyway,
you get the idea
  return writeByte('\n');

That way we can still write clean code.

Or, well, we introduce text mode for this, which of course would be the
most generic and flexible solution (e.g. you could then just write
arbitrary strings with newlines in them, w/o worrying about using
writeEndline()). We could do that by either adding a new "textmode" flag
to the open() method, or by adding a new TextFile class, which
automatically enables this. Ports which don't have a separate textmode, or
just don't want to worry about this, would have to implement no extra

An intermediate solution would be to add a new wrapper stream class:
TextWriteStream, which could encapsulate arbitrary streams, and when it
detects a '\n' being written, it automatically converts it to another
sequence (for systems which don't need it, it would just call through, so
adding very little overhead).
It would be easy to implement, and requieres nothing else to be changed.

Finally, for the default config file: If we apply my patch from that other
thread, then it is up to the backend to create the config file read/write
streams, so it would be easy enough for a backend to use "fopen" in text
mode (e.g. on Windows). Of course that doesn't cover custom config files.

> The reason I brought it up here was because you said IRC wasn't a good
> place to discuss bugs/missing features. ;-)

Yes, that was perfectly right. Thanks for doing it!


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