[Scummvm-devel] svnmerge troubles

Vicent Pere Marti Guardiola tanoku at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 03:22:38 CEST 2008

Hey Max,

I did also manage to trash my SVN branch this morning; SVNmerge  
crashed in the middle of a pretty big merge and I *thought* I had  
reverted the partial merge in my working copy, but when commiting some  
fixes it looks like some SVNmerge properties got uploaded too, wich  
made SVNmerge stop working...

I think I've fixed it now, though. Took me a bit of work but earlier  
today I did a full merge of the hundreds of revisions I was missing  
and it went smooth as silk. Tell me if you find any problems in my  

By the way, I'm using the trunk SVNmerge version, downloaded also from  
the Orcaware website, and doing the merges as pointed on the wiki:

svnmerge avail
svnmerge merge
svn commit

Vicent Marti
tanoku at gmail.com

On Aug 2, 2008, at 1:09 AM, Max Horn wrote:

> Hi there,
> just found out that Chris' GSoC branch is partially broken, at least
> when it comes to merging. Something went wrong when doing the merge. I
> still don't know what, but I was able to work around this by manually
> setting the svnmerge-integrated property. Doing so I noticed that some
> of the other GSoC branches may have issues in the future, too.
> On weird bit is that the gsoc2008-vkeybd branch has the svn:mergeinfo
> property, which is a SVN 1.5 feature. That should *not* be used
> In order to figure out what went wrong here, can everybody who's using
> svnmerge on our repos please tell me:
> 1) What svnmerge version are you using, according to "svnmerge --
> version" ? For me it is r31773, downloaded from
> <http://www.orcaware.com/svn/wiki/Svnmerge.py> some time ago.
> 2) When you merge, do you just do
>   svnmerge merge
> from your branch, or do you specify a source URL or any other kind of
> options?
> Bye,
> Max
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