[Scummvm-devel] Little Big Adventure

Bertrand Augereau bertrand_augereau at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 13 23:40:56 CEST 2008

Well, to be clearer, if I remember well enough, the sceneries is classical isometric 2D but characters are gouraud-shaded meshes.
And the game *does* have a lot of arcade elements (shooting the ball, jumping...).Also the character is direct controlled, not through the mouse.
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The game is indeed in 3D isometric perspective (with realtime  

Maybe it would be a better fit for Residual?

Vicent Marti
tanoku at gmail.com

On Aug 13, 2008, at 9:40 PM, Max Horn wrote:

> Hi,
> if anybody wants to chime in on this, there is a patch tracker item
> for this:
>> .
> My stance right now, based on what I am told, is to say nay to this,
> as it seems to be 3D based (according to
>> ). There is a thin line here, but one I wouldn't want to cross.
> But I don't know the game myself. Maybe the information on Wikipedia
> is wrong, and it uses prerendered 3D graphics, not 3D polygons, as
> they say there? That would change things a little bit.
> Bye,
> Max
> Am 11.08.2008 um 22:41 schrieb Martin Gerhardy:
>> Hi,
>> I've new to the list and I've submitted a patch to the patch
>> which adds LBA Support to scummvm. The integration is far from being
>> perfect, but it's a start. But during some chatting in the channel
>> got
>> some responses that there were hot discussions about including games
>> like LBA into scummvm (though i think it's an adventure :-)).  
>> Anyway -
>> what's your opinion about this? Should i continue the work or
>> it
>> worth it, because it will never be integrated?
>> Greetings
>> Martin
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