[Scummvm-devel] Kyrandia engine loading is slow on the DS

neil at millstone.demon.co.uk neil at millstone.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 14:48:38 CEST 2008


I have been testing a large number of games last week in order to test my new version of the DS port of ScummVM.  Pretty much everything worked ok, which I'm pleased about, but there are a few issues:

- Nippon Safes doesn't double buffer it's output, meaning that it flickers as the background is drawn and the characters draw on top of that.  I suppose I may be the only port that will notice this, as copyRectToScreen() copies directly to the video memory in some modes on the DS.  Looking at the doxygen docs, it seems to say that copyRectToScreen() should only copy to a virtual screen, and updateScreen() should show that on the display. I'd rather not do this for all games because it carries a large performance penality, and all other games work fine.

I have put in a hack to double buffer just for this game

- Kyrandia loads and plays quite slowly.  It seems to be doing a huge number of file operations which cause a pause each time a sound effect is played.  Kyra 1 is okay, but 2 is poor, and 3 is almost unplayable, and takes 30 seconds at a black screen before it shows the title screen.  I realise it may be too late to look at this for 0.12.0, but I'll mention this now anyway, because I imagine it will affect all ports that have slow file systems.  Unfortunately my time this week to work on ScummVM is very limited so I won't be able to debug Kyra much, if at all.

Anyway, everything else works fine, so congrats to everyone!

- Neil

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