[Scummvm-devel] Improvements to blitting code.

carlo.bramix carlo.bramix at libero.it
Mon Aug 18 21:13:36 CEST 2008

I did a patch, sorry for the delay but I could not do it until now...
This patch does the algorithm that I described previously.
I also did some more additions:
- do...while until the counter reach zero.
- removed the increments to the pointers.
For removing those increments, I used the trick to work in negative logic.
This is an interesting way for optimizing speed critical loops: for example a loop done in this manner:

for (x=0; x<n; x++)
    p[x] = 0;

can be optimized as:

for (p+=n, n=0-n; n; n++)
    p[n] = 0;

In other words:
1) the pointer 'p' is added with the number of the items to process. If p=0x1234 and n=4, 'p' is obviously 0x1238.
2) you change the sign of 'n', so it becames negative to -4.
3) now, when you write p[n], you add 'p' and 'n': p=0x1238 and n=-4, so the resulting address is the first item at address 0x1234.
4) you increment 'n', so it changes from -4 to -3: the expression 'p[n]' now points to the second item because 0x1238-3=0x1235.

I believe this is a good optimization too, because it removes not only the increments, but also there is no need of the variable 'x' used into the first "for" cycle.
In the code made for SCUMMVM, it has also the advantage that 'vsPitch' calculation has been simplified and 'text' too just need to be upgraded with '_textSurface.pitch' each line.
If you will want to add this method with asmDrawStripToScreen() function too, you could just use seven parameters instead of eight.

After I downloaded trunk from SVN, I did the fix and then I compiled/tested SCUMMVM.
Here you are my little report:

I got an error when doing installation:

$ make install
install -d "/home/carlo_pc/inst_scumm/bin"
install -c -s -m 755 "/c/Downloads/trunk/scummvm.exe" "/home/carlo_pc/inst_scumm/bin/scummvm.exe"
install: cannot stat `/c/Downloads/trunk/scummvm.exe': No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 1

The problem happened because I configured & compiled SCUMMVM from a different directory.
Since "make install" assumes that scummvm.exe is generated where the sources are, it cannot find it and it fails.
In my opinion, $EXECUTABLE is always where generated makefile is, so this line of ports.mk:

$(INSTALL) -c -s -m 755 "$(srcdir)/scummvm$(EXEEXT)" "$(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)/scummvm$(EXEEXT)"

should be changed to:

$(INSTALL) -c -s -m 755 "./scummvm$(EXEEXT)" "$(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)/scummvm$(EXEEXT)"

Perhaps the most correct value would be $(top_builddir), but I could not find it...

It seems to me that asmDrawStripToScreen() function ignores the multiplier, is it known?
I also found many copies of the some assembly functions, perhaps it could be better if there will be a /arch-common/arm9 (it's just an example) and into the platform files you do an "include arch-common/arm9/DrawStripToScreen.asm".

My little "feature request":

Into configure script, the selection of an engine is "hardwired", for example:

add_engine sky "Beneath a Steel Sky" yes

It would be interesting to make it configurable, like:

add_engine sky "Beneath a Steel Sky" $include_sky

and allow the use of an option like --enable-sky for activating the engine (those variables are assigned to a default value if no option is given on the command line).
This could be done for all supported engines.
Unfortunately, I'm a (mainly) Win32 developer and I'm still not very expert with unix stuff, so I doubt I could help you a lot in this task...



Carlo Bramini.

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> Hi all,
> Interesting technique. I don't claim to entirely understand it yet
> (need to stare at it for a while, I suspect), but it looks very
> hopeful indeed!
> In message <2D67F8D4-79FD-4E57-B37F-31457B474337 at quendi.de>
>           Max Horn <max at quendi.de> wrote:
> > P.S.: While I am at it, could somebody (Neil? Robin?) tell me why
> > bot
> >    ./backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/blitters.cpp
> > and
> >    ./engines/scumm/gfxARM.s
> > implement ARM versions of asmDrawStripToScreen and asmCopy8Col? My
> > hope would be that the DS specific one could be removed... ?
> I suspect you're right. I think I wrote it originally for the DS and
> it got copied across to the main build.
> Until recently I didn't have a DS to build for myself, so someone
> else had to do the building for me.
> Blame me for that, anyway, along with the
> USE_ARM_GFX_ASM/USE_ARM_ASM_GFX (or whatever) dyslexia. Sorry.
> I'll try and find time to stare at the new ARM code later, but can't
> promise to do it for this release (I may already be too late). If
> anyone else beats me to it, then so be it.
> Thanks,
> Robin
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