[Scummvm-devel] PS2 ScummVM 0.11.x updates!

sunmax at libero.it sunmax at libero.it
Mon Feb 18 19:38:28 CET 2008


I think I got it (== the nasty PS2 isDirectory quirk).

Studying the PSP fs factory code, I saw that they have
an extra ctr beside PSPFilesystemNode(string), i.e.

 -> PSPFilesystemNode(string, bool [verify])

where you can force the verification of the node,
which will then properly set isDirectory field. 
This was not the case with PS2 fs factory, that on
node creation defaulted to isDirectory = true,

so File::exists was miserably failing cause what
it does is:

    FilesystemNode file(filename);
    if (file.exists())
        return !file.isDirectory();

Which on ScummVM/PS2 returned always false - cause the freshly
created FilesystemNode file(path) was always created as a dir.

It's just a hunch cause I am in my lab (a lot of cool hw...
...but sadly no PS2 around here), so I am going to test it
later tonight once I am back at home, but it should work
out of the box ;-) ;-) ;-)

Just saved games to go!


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