[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM PS2 backend - to be or not to be... a directory

sunmax at libero.it sunmax at libero.it
Thu Feb 21 22:39:39 CET 2008

Hi there!

One more mail before the night falls on freundliche Deutschland,

> keep up the good work.

Sure thing I will ;-)

> And why not submit some patches / requests to the ps2sdk guys.

Yep, that's on my TODO - you know I am more the 3D & GUIs kind of
guy, so I wanted to be sure that it was not me (or my crosscompiler)
before reporting a FS issue to them.

 Back to scummvm and savefiles:

Let's take The Dig:

In PS2 ::listSavefiles I get a regex "dig.s*" and the current
PS2 savefiles manager stores them in "mc0:/ScummVM-dig" with
names like: "s00.ucl", "s01.ucl", etc. Now I have to return a
StringList of matching files...

1) should I list the 'full' path or the just the name ?

2) since we are short of time before 0.11.1, without
   changing the current PS2 implementation, I wonder:

   should I just return all the s??.ucl files that are
   stored in the per games folder in the memory card?

   Or should I change it to save them in dig.s?? format
   and then regex between those? (less quick)

I just started working on the file saves, so I apologize if I am
asking something terribly stupid. And I can, of course, eventually
figure it out by myself, but having this two answers will speed
things up.


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