[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM PS2 backend - to be or not to be... a directory

LavosSpawn lavosspawn at g-trans.de
Fri Feb 22 09:41:34 CET 2008

Hi Max,
> That's definetely the bug. I made it out in an empirical way:
> I counted the delta between two successful 'open' fd, and counted
> the number of failed 'dopen' in-between. Tada! If you try to dopen
> a non-directory item, you lose one fd. So that ruled out my first
> solution to check whether a file was a dir ot not with 'dopen'.

In that case, I'd definately suggest looking into the relevant IRX's 
sources to figure out who exactly is losing those FD's and why.
As you say that it happens with all devices, I suppose the problem 
relies on the IOP side of filexio.
I was rather sure that this bug was fixed ages ago, but if you say that 
it's still present..
I'll try to look into it this weekend, but tbh, I don't think I'll 
actually have time for it.


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