[Scummvm-devel] Release 0.11.0 status -- 2008-01-02

Eugene Sandulenko sev at scummvm.org
Wed Jan 2 23:21:23 CET 2008

Hi Team,

these were really nice days in the terms of bugfixing. Reminds me this
recent blog post from Aaron Giles:


We have no release critical bugs and number of nice to have fixed bugs
went considerably down.

Unfortunately it looks like we will not have PS2 release with this port
too, and we are seeking maintainer. So if you know someone, please,
direct him/her to the co-leads.

Only port maintainer which has not reported his status is PalmOS
porter. Hey, Chris!

So, porters, there are still 9 days till tagging. So, please, make sure
that you committed all your local changes by that time.

January  11th  -- tagging
January  15th  -- release

Release critical:

Nice to have fixed:
#1849081: PALMOS: BASS crashes in opening scene
#1840669: WINCE: FEEBLE: Game not starting
#1753511: PS2: Crash when push "quit" button
#1753509: PS2: Scummvm.ini problem
#1749708: SYMBIAN UIQ3: DoTT scrolling problems
#1749704: SYMBIAN UIQ3: FotAQ does not start
#1749702: SYMBIAN UIQ3: All AGOS hang on startup
#1733297: GR: Actor stuck (Amiga version)
#1729309: NIPPON: Missing spotlight in demo
#1729307: NIPPON: Credits missing shadow effect in demo
#1726909: HE Games: Glitches after loading saved games
#1713314: Preliminary xbox port patch
#1659209: AGI: Space Trek sprite duplication
#1536993: PSP: BS1 scrolling sync issue

Ports status:
  - DC - OK
  - NDS - OK
  - GP2X - OK
  - GP32 - dead
  - iPhone - OK
  - Maemo -- still awaiting report from fanoush
  - PalmOS - ??
  - PS2 - seeking maintainer
  - PSP - OK
  - Symbian - OK
  - WinCE - OK
  - XBox -- I hope to have it in the tree

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