[Scummvm-devel] About announcing backend changes & build machine

Paweł Kołodziejski aquadran at xtr.net.pl
Mon Jan 7 02:29:33 CET 2008

On 2008-01-06, at 23:42, Max Horn wrote:

> Hi folks,
> so right now I am considering ordering this system: <http://
> www.hosteurope.de/produkt/VPS-Linux-XL>. Even though the page is in

"Maximale Anzahl VPS je Host-Server	15"

Maximale Anzahl VPS je Host-Server
Um Ihnen die optimale, garantierte Performance bieten zu können,  
existieren bei unseren VPS Paketen pro Hardware-Node maximal 15 VPS  
bei den Produkten VPS L-XXL 3.0, bzw. 12 VPS bei den Produkten VPS MAX  

Does that mean max 15 virtual servers for our disposal ?
Or that mean that hardware can handle 15 virtual servers and only 1 is  
ours ?

> german, you should be able to make out the basic tech details. The
> price is 20 Euros / month, which I believe to be a good price for
> what they offer.
> The advantage of going with a VPS at HE: We know them, we know they
> are ultra reliable, the service is good (24/7 phone & email service
> for real -- I tested it), and with a VPS, they will install security
> updates etc. for us.
> But we don't want (at least at this time) move the forum/wiki over to
> that server, since while we would save money, we'd also make the fate
> of the forums/wiki depend on that of the build server (when it
> crashes/gets overloaded, is attacked by crackers, etc.).
> Any thoughts on that? Do the system specs look reasonable?

I think specs looks good.

> Does Ubuntu
> +Plesk look like a reasonable environment, or would somebody here
> *who would then also be willing to help maintain the system* much
> prefer Debian or SuSE?

I suggest use Debian and Ubuntu over Suse.
I personaly prefer Debian for server as it's more stable environment  
than Ubuntu.
In my opinion Ubuntu is better use for workstation - less stable, more  
frequently updates.

> My plan would be to setup one/some of the continuous build softwares
> on my own system for testing, to see how they work / which to use
> etc.. If anybody has any experience with any of them, please let me
> know.
> Cheers,
> Max
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