[Scummvm-devel] PS2 backend - up & running (almost)

sunmax at libero.it sunmax at libero.it
Mon Nov 3 18:04:37 CET 2008

Hi there!

(1)  AboutDialog ctr and (**iter) crash

Ok, got it!

 _pluginObject is NULL 

in [ Plugin::getName() : base/plugins.cpp @50 ]

even if the iterator is still valid. Trying to call
a method on that [ _pluginObject->getName() ] causes
the TLB fetch exception :-(

Any idea on what may be causing that ?
(I mean: valid iter, null object)

If I see correctly, nothing changed in AboutDialog ctr
from 0.12.0 so the root should be somewhere else.
I assume this is a ScummVM PS2 exclusive bug ;-)

Let me know if you need extra details, I'll be glad
to provide them!

Idem for get (**iter)->getCopyright :

the first 2 iterations in AboutDialog ctr are fine,
on the third it crashes. Can somebody explain me why
with "getName()" we use member "." for the method,
but "->" for getCopyright() ?

They are both called on (**iter).

(2)  Uh, what's my backend again ?

I think ScummVM PS2 is affected by Alzheimer, when I set
"Theme Path:" using the dialog, then do "OK", since I am
skeptical by nature I go back to check that it kept the
path, but it actually says "None" :-(

Themes used to work on PS in 0.12.0 if you kept them in
the folder where ScummVM was launched. It's no longer
the case.

"Paths" need some re-engineering on PS2 cause in the
original implementation you were only allowed to save
on Memory Cards, so "Save Path" always defaults to 

As soon as we get PS2 backend in the condition to start
some game I will address this issue.

 (yeah, and as reported to me, clicking on "Misc/Theme" 
  crashes too)

 (yeah, and it crashes on "Quit" too...)

Ok, last minute update: if I try to force the full path
name in LoadTheme, something as dumb as:

 fileName =

now it fails in unzip.cpp (@ 1380) where in the ZipArchive
ctr unzOpen returns NULL for _zipFile.

Is my stupid hack doomed to fail ?
(the file of course is there ;-)

If this is not the case, then I will trace FSNode
on the PS2 side and see where it misses.

(3)  ScummVM PS2 pics

See my pics "button_?" and "list_?" to see the misplaced 
button on mouse over and the tiny scroll-list to add games.

I apologize for the lousy quality, taken with my mobile:

button_0 : (damned Florida sun, it goes everywhere...)
           ok, fresh boot, all the buttons are in place
           N: we could use some space-saving and gain the
           precious pixels between the buttons rows back
           to the list

button_1 : closeup of "Load" - note: the color are wrong
           "Load" is supposed to be disabled but it does
           actually react to mouse over...

button_2 : see? both "About" (enabled) and "Load" (dis-)
           reacted on mouse over and they are both 1 extra
           pixel up and left

button_3 : moving the pointer out does not help, it stays

list_0 : yeah, this picture sucks, but shows the point:
         see what the poor PS2 users are left to choose
         games from?

(4)  Pixelformat

I like the new GUI but it feels a bit slower on PS2 when
moving the pointer around. Maybe my eyes are deceived cause
the colors look wrong so my perception is different. I will
get the latest SVN during the week-end (uff, 5 days to go)
and of course implement the new pixelformat stuff ;-)

Looking forward to your ideas and feedback!

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