[Scummvm-devel] Global menu save/load dialogs

Filippos K philipk79 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 10 11:32:51 CET 2008

> I strongly disagree with this point, the original load/save dialogs 
> should be kept as the default. As they match the original games (the aim 
> of the project), and make use of the original interface of each game. A 
> lot of work went into supporting the original load/save/option dialogs 
> of each game engine too.
> A common keyboard shortcut should be enough, for people which want to 
> use the GMM across all possible game engines.

The point of ScummVM is also to improve the games themselves (with graphics filters etc), and also to correct, if possible, bugs they may have. ScummVM is not an emulator, it's a reimplementation for each game engine. Therefore, I don't believe that the aim of the project is to preserve and totally match the original dialogs, especially in this case, since the dialogs of ScummVM itself can offer far better functionality than the original ones with very little additional work. In the SCUMM engine itself, for example, the original save/load dialogs are not default, as they are far too limited compared to what the ScummVM ones offer. Plus, if the users want to use the original dialogs, they will still be able to do this with another key combo (e.g. alt-F5).

This is not affecting the games themselves, it's merely enhancing them and unifying certain features across many engines.

Why keep the default save/load dialogs as default, when they are too limited compared to the global main menu ones? And why should we not have some common menu for all games, since they all run under the same "umbrella" (i.e. ScummVM)?

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