[Scummvm-devel] MSVC9 -Project files

Norbert Lange lange at chello.at
Thu Apr 2 20:17:48 CEST 2009

How are they kept up to date (Im assuming they are just done by hand  

Cause they could use some work, and I did just that... like enabling  
Flac-support and moving the defines in a global settings file so you dont  
need to add/remove preprocessor directives like "USE_FLAC" for every  
engine/project, and did a similar thing for compiler+linker settings.
If theres need or interest I can upload some patches, I`d need to clean  
the workspace up a bit before that though.

Also, a question about the Programmstart, this is how its done currently  
on Win32:

*) #define main as SDL_Main (is it just me or is this buttugly?)   
*) implement WinMain() to initialise SDL, then call main() (which is a  
macro to SDL_Main)
*) setup linker for a console-app
*) and then manually specify WinMain() as entrypoint?

whats speaking against the simple way of just adding the needed couple of  
lines to initialise SDL in the normal main() routine instead?

#if defined (WIN32)

done that and it compiles, links and runs just fine. This weird  
main-renaming stuff aint needed IMHO!?! (might be it was needed sometime)

Cheers, Norbert

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