[Scummvm-devel] MSVC9 -Project files

Filippos Karapetis philipk79 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 2 22:51:34 CEST 2009

> > How are they kept up to date (Im assuming they are just done by hand
> > periodically)?

Developers who have MSVC (like me) update them on their own right now. I've created some batch files which can help to create quickly MSVC project files from one set (e.g. if you update the MSVC9 project files, these batch files allow you to create MSVC8, MSVC71 and MSVC7 project files).

> Either way, you are right, the the Visual Studio projects for all
> versions are mostly outdated, mainly because not many ScummVM
> developers use Windows. :)

This is totally wrong, the MSVC project files are up to date

> > Cause they could use some work, and I did just that... like enabling
> > Flac-support and moving the defines in a global settings file so you dont
> > need to add/remove preprocessor directives like "USE_FLAC" for every
> > engine/project, and did a similar thing for compiler+linker settings.

Yes, they do need work. Thanks for your work, it's most welcome :)
Please upload your patches to our patch tracker:
The reason why FLAC wasn't enabled was because I had loads of warnings
when enabling it, and I didn't get around to fix them (I was busy with other
Universal compiler+linker settings would be great too, just bear in mind that
there's one notable exception (the tinsel engine) where edit and continue
doesn't work, because of the coroutine code used.

> > Also, a question about the Programmstart, this is how its done currently
> > on Win32:
> >
> > *) #define main as SDL_Main (is it just me or is this buttugly?)
> > [SDL_Main.h#50]
> > *) implement WinMain() to initialise SDL, then call main() (which is a
> > macro to SDL_Main)
> > *) setup linker for a console-app
> > *) and then manually specify WinMain() as entrypoint?

This is not ugly, it's the way to start an application with a console...

> >
> > whats speaking against the simple way of just adding the needed couple of
> > lines to initialise SDL in the normal main() routine instead?
> >
> > .
> > #if defined (WIN32)
> >        SDL_SetModuleHandle(GetModuleHandle(NULL));
> > #endif
> > .

Will that add show the console window too? If yes, then this would be much
cleaner indeed :)


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