[Scummvm-devel] Theme trouble with 0.13.1 build

Markus Strangl Markus at Strangl.de
Sun Apr 19 14:56:08 CEST 2009

Hi ScummVM'ies,

somehow I'm having severe trouble building my release package
due to some incosistencies about the recent theme changes.
ScummVM seems to still try to use my old modern.ini and .zip,
but complains that "version is 23, expected 17". Changing the
version=23 line to version=17 yields me a different error
"File::Open : No filename specified!" and a crash.
I tried putting the supplied scummmodern.zip into the install
dir, but ScummVM doesn't actually try to use it.
Starting ScummVM with --gui-theme=scummmodern just yields me a
"unable to find scummmodern.ini".
Somehow I feel trapped between the old and new theme concept.
Shall I ignore that and just build my package with classic GUI
compiled-in (works!), or is there a simple explanation or fix?

	Markus / WooShell

Markus F. Strangl
Aurikelstrasse 6
83395 Freilassing
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