[Scummvm-devel] Getting some old games **FOR DEVELOPERS**

peres peres at scummvm.org
Thu Apr 23 06:15:46 CEST 2009

Hi devs!

I was looking for some retrogaming shops in Japan yesterday (Apr 22nd),  
when I was lucky enough to find a webshop that sells some stuff that might  
find some of you interested. In particular, they have Windows, PC98CD,  
PC98FD (both 5.25" and 3.5"), PC88 and FM-Towns games.

The FM-Towns catalogue is small and mostly composed of Japanese games. I'm  
listing non-Japanese games here (there are only a couple of ScummVM's  
supported games):

* eye of the beholder 2
* afterburner
* afterburner 3
* alone in the dark
* alone in the dark 2
* indiana jones and the last crusade
* wing commander
* ultima vi
* ultima underworld
* ultima trilogy (1-2-3)
* operation wolf
* strike commander
* dungeon master 2
* battle chess
* 4d driving
* 4d boxing
* microcosm
* return to zork

The catalogues for the other platforms are too large to list, so you could  
either look on http://www.suruga-ya.jp/pcgame.html (Japanese skils  
needed!), or just post a followup here and let me know. Please bear in  
mind that they mostly sell used copies of the games, and new copies are  
not available for all titles.

Johannes and Walter already found games they would like to get. If  
somebody else is interested, we could set up a cumulative order (and maybe  
get discounts :) ). There are no known details about shipping yet; we only  
know that they don't ship abroad directly so we will have to do it  
ourselves. The exact procedure and cost depend on how many games we are  

As there is a chance that we are using some of the project funds for this  
(admins please nod or shake your head vigorously at this), I would say  
that only ScummVM developers may take part. Also, I am not affiliated with  
the shop in question, so I don't want to spend my weekends packing and  
re-packing stuff :)


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