[Scummvm-devel] GSoC Student Introduction

Norbert Lange lange at chello.at
Thu Apr 23 23:06:20 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I`m one of the 5 lucky students chosen for this Summer`s GSoC.

For a short introduction of who I am: I dint went straight to the  
university, but learned and worked as electrician and worked as  
freelance-programmer before ending up studying "technical maths" (and  
getting a qualification to do so). Which hopefully excuses that I`m still  
without title at the age of 29 ;)

My history with computers started with the C64 at the age of 8, where I  
did some small things with basic - apart from spending the most time  
playing games that is, with 10 I then switched to the Amiga and progressed  
a bit further with AMOS (Basic), bits of Assembler and C. Somewhen in  
1999-2000 I finally switched to the Wintel world and toroughly learned  
C/C++, dint help me a bit to find a job though so I had to get some papers  
stating that can read/write and eat with knife and fork, which made things  
a bit better but not a whole lot. After a couple of freelance jobs  
(ironically all of them Java) I decided to inscribe at an university.

In the next months I will do my best to bring support for various  
Audioformats to ScummVM, primary focusing on TFMX and MaxTrax which will  
enable music for the Amiga-Versions of Monkey-Island and Kyrandia  

I`m looking forward to meet you and contribute to ScummVM.

Norbert Lange

irc : nolange
Blog: http://gsoc-tfmx.blogspot.com/
ATOM: http://gsoc-tfmx.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

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