[Scummvm-devel] Logo revision

Johannes Schickel lordhoto at scummvm.org
Mon Aug 17 11:43:55 CEST 2009

Max Horn wrote:
> And here are the icons. As Jean Marc said, give them some time before 
> writing your reactions. I'll wait before I'll comment, too :).

I have to say I like the new logo better, especially since it matches 
our "ScummVM" name, we use all over the place. The old logo too easily 
suggests that we are called "scummVM" instead.

For the icons. I think the upper case character visible difference is 
pretty minor. So using the new uppercase one is IMHO only a choice of 

What I actually prefer about our current set of logo / icons is the 
color though. The new one is using a pretty bright green, while the old 
one uses a rather 'normal' one in comparison. That difference is easily 
visible when comparing the 128 icon to our old one found here: 

Close comparison shows that the structure of the green color looks much 
less blurry in the new versions. IMHO the new logo / icons with slightly 
less bright green would be perfect. I can live with the new colors though.

// Johannes

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