[Scummvm-devel] If you can't upload your builds to sf.net

Fabien Coeurjoly fabien.coeurjoly at wanadoo.fr
Sun Aug 30 04:36:32 CEST 2009

Hello Fabien,

On 30/08/2009, you wrote:

> Hello Eugene,

> On 29/08/2009, you wrote:

>> Hi folks,

>> If you cannot upload your builds to sf.net please just use last release
>> approach, i.e. upload them somewhere and drop me the link with filesize
>> and md5.

> Since I'm apparently not in scummvm developer list (at least not my
> sf.net account, which is 'fab1'), here's the link to MorphOS port:

> http://fabportnawak.free.fr/scummvm-1.0.0rc1-morphos.lha
> MD5: 92dcb3dfbdd3a93edf529474fd2758f
> Size: 7262501 

Replying to myself... A typo ate the last MD5 char (doesn't matter a lot,
but still):
So the complete MD5 is: 92dcb3dfbdd3a93edf529474fd2758f8 

Sorry. :)

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