[Scummvm-devel] New developer, introductory mail

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Mar 3 01:54:38 CET 2009

Am 02.03.2009 um 18:43 schrieb Thierry Crozat (Yahoo! Mail):
> Thanks to both of you. You gave me two good reasons why the vag code  
> is better in the sword1 engine for now (not generic code, tailored  
> made for sword1 engine and avoid cluttering of common dirs).
> The only drawback I see too that is that an engine developers might  
> not know that the same format is used by another engine and that the  
> code already exists to decode it in that engine. It's easier to find  
> it if all the decoder are in the same place. But I supposed it could  
> be solved by a good documentation (or a wiki page).

Well, in the end, devs may even overlook code that *is* located in  
common, sound, graphis, gui ... :)

> Anyway, I made a grep for all the decoders in sound and graphics to  
> find out which engine use which decoder. The result is in the  
> attached file.
> I will add a comment in each decoder header file to specify which  
> engines use it and post the patch on the tracker sometime this week.



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