[Scummvm-devel] PS2 #1 : GUI : Add Game List : must

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Mar 3 15:32:41 CET 2009

Am 03.03.2009 um 07:03 schrieb Vicent Marti:

> Starting at 640x480 with 1X instead of 320 with 2X would make the GUI
> look much better, but it might turn out to be a performance hit. I'd
> have to run benchmarks, but theoretically it's faster to draw at half
> resolution and rescale (with the cute and optimized scaler) than to
> draw at such resolution.
> I'll look into it. If the performance hit is negligible, the improved
> looks may make it well worth it. ^^

Actually, the scalers do *not* affect the GUI, so that point is  
moot :-). If we run in 320x200 with ASR and 2x scaler, then the GUI is  
drawn at 640x480. But if you run at 320x200 without ASR and with 1x  
scaler, it is, well, 320x200. And if you do it like me and run with  
ASR and 1x, you get 320x240, which is 20% more vertical space, and  
thus makes for a lot more space in both launcher and browser.

The PS2 should be able to run the GUI in 640x480 (rendered at that  
res), actually. If it doesn't, I'd like to know why -- if it is speed,  
then we *definitely* need to look into making the GUI code fast enough.


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