[Scummvm-devel] Completing the transition to the new logo and icon

Jordi Vilalta jvprat at jvprat.com
Sun Nov 1 17:50:11 CET 2009


2009/10/28 Max Horn:
> But we still need to...
> * update the favicons for the forums, buildbot, doxygen, planet
> -> I would do this, but unfortunately the build rule in media/trunk/
> Makefile produces bad .ico files for me: It looks somewhat as if only
> the alpha data ends up in the .ico (if I use the same build rule to
> produce a PNG, it looks fine; converting that to .ico using
> ImageMagick's "convert" tool produced wrong data, too, sadly. Maybe my
> ImageMagick is bad? If anybody succeeds in building
> scummvm_favicon_forums.ico etc., please send them to me and I'll
> upload them. If you know how to tweak the build process to fix this
> issue for good, please tell us!

I see you found some information on how to fix the ico transparency.
I'll try to apply it to the build system.

> * Check *everywhere* whether our old logo is still being used. And
> report this to us so we can fix it. Even better is of course if you
> fix it yourself / provided updated files so that we can fix it
> quickly ;).

It seems the forums site still has the old favicon (if my browser's
cache isn't playing tricks on me).

I think (I'll have an exhaustive look at the SVN later) the only other
place where the logo/icon hasn't been updated yet is in the Symbian
port. I sent a mail to Lars Persson some days ago (he's the Symbian
porter if I'm not wrong), but I got no answer. Maybe I used a wrong
mail address or his spam filter ate my mail :P Anyway I guess he's
subscribed to this list and I hope he reads this mail:

I'm attaching a zip file that contains my attempt to update the
Symbian port images. I don't have any Symbian device, so I can't
verify whether they're in the expected format or if they look
correctly (for example it's probable that the mask images don't fit
the icon perfectly).

I've seen there's a SVG image in the same directory, but it looks like
it got some color reduction/vectorization applied. Is that to overcome
the device's limitations? I'm attaching the new unmodified SVG version
so you can test whether that's fine or you can modify it for your
needs. Let me know if I can help you with something there.

Going back to global tasks, now that we've already made public the new
logo I guess it's a good moment to give a green light to start
producing the updated T-Shirts.

Last but not least, I wonder what's the logo's license. It's listed as
GPL licensed in
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Scummvm_icon.svg (which by the
way still shows the old icon), but I think the GPL doesn't fit for
non-code material. In fact I don't remember seeing it specified
explicitly near our logo files.

I don't know whether the original author had any preference, or maybe
it was required to use a free license when the original design was
made. I would suggest applying the Creative Commons "Attribution Share
Alike" license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) to all
the project's media (logos, icons, website styles?, etc.)


Jordi Vilalta
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