[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM Release 1.0.0 status -- 2009-11-04

D G Turner d.g.turner at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 5 11:30:03 CET 2009

  I couldn't find a bug on this, so e-mailing you.

  Looked at his pastebin, both compile failures are due to :

/boot/home/dev/games/scummvm/common/serializer.h:226: Internal compiler
/boot/home/dev/games/scummvm/common/serializer.h:226: Please submit info
to Oliver Tappe <gcc at hirschkaefer.de>.

  i.e. GCC internal failure, so no ScummVM code fault and a workaround
  for BeOS / Haiku is likely to very hard to work out, especially
  without being sat at the box.

  You may want to check his exact gcc-2.95 version, because I can find
  two main ones for Be.. though neither seems to been updated for 2
  years. :-(


  The second one is Mr Tappe's homepage, but seems more out of date, but
  has a fairly large "bug / pecularity" list, which may be useful in
  workaround fun :-~

  I hope this helps.

Max Horn wrote:
> Am 05.11.2009 um 09:47 schrieb Schrijvers Luc:
>> In regards of the "Haiku" port (or with the older compiler in BeOS's
>> 2.95.3) I still encounter compiling errors with the engines cruise and
>> tinsel.
>> http://zeta-games.pastebin.com/m6c6fba8b
>> http://zeta-games.pastebin.com/m3ecedaf1

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