[Scummvm-devel] Minimal screen updates and possible OSystem improvements

Torbjörn Andersson eriktorbjorn at telia.com
Tue Nov 10 21:56:36 CET 2009

Max Horn wrote:

> This does not answer my questions. In particular, if we add alpha /  
> colorkey APIs, those have *no effect at all* unless some code actually  
> uses them :-). I.e., a new API alone solves nothing, and has to be  
> considered in context.

There was one time when I did find myself wishing for a color key
variant of copyRectToScreen(), and that was - if memory serves me - when
drawing subtitles for the cutscenes in Broken Sword 1. I ended up
simulating it with lockScreen() / unlockScreen() and since the frame
(usually) covered the entire screen, the mandatory fullscreen update
wasn't much of a problem.

(The code has changed a lot since then, so I don't know how much - of
anything - of what I wrote then is still there.)

Torbjörn Andersson

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