[Scummvm-devel] Security issues; Buildbot & Linux admin(s) needed

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Nov 10 22:44:58 CET 2009

Hi folks,

as so often, we have a situation caused by lack of people with enough  
time to work on certain things. THis time, though, it is regarding  
security holes. I've been trying for some weeks now to rectify this  
situation, but so far without success; everybody I contacted has no  
time to take care of this.

I don't want to write too much details on this public email list, but  
essentially, we need somebody (or multiple persons) who are well-known  
to and trusted by the core team, and who could take care of the  
following things (you don't have to do all of it, just one would  
already be great):

1a) Take over maintainership of our buildbot installation. Right now  
this uses an outdated Debian package for the 0.7.10 series. Your  
primary task: Install the latest security patches for 0.7.10, and keep  
an eye out if there are more, and apply those, too. THis may involve  
finding a source for up-to-date .debs, or building your own.  
(Actually, I am not sure where the 0.7.10x deb we are using comes  
from; Lenny only has 0.7.8 officially, while squeeze already has  
0.7.11p3. Andre?)

1b) Secondary task for buildbot maintainer: Investigate what changed  
in the 0.7.11 series, and upgrade our buildbot to that (it has some  
nice new features; in an ideal world, it's just a matter of installing  
the new .debs and restarting the daemon, but it's quite possible that  
our cfg or custom python additions need to be updated).

2) Take care of the Linux installation used to run buildbot & doxygen  
(and in the future maybe some more things). You should be familiar  
with Debian and be able to install the latest security updates,  
including kernel updates. (Yes, I know "aptitude", and I could install  
those updates myself -- but that assumes the "everything goes without  
any issues" scenario... )

If you think you might be up to one or both of these tasks, please  
contact us ASAP.


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