[Scummvm-devel] Removing igor

Travis Howell kirben at optusnet.com.au
Wed Nov 11 00:40:04 CET 2009

Max Horn wrote:
> But in the case of "igor", I wonder about the status of the engine: I  
> do not see it listed in NEWS, and its wiki page says it is incomplete.  
> The last real commit to it (not counting cleanups, adapting it to API  
> changes etc.) was on 2007-11-30.
> Since there has been no actual development on this engine for almost  
> two full years, I propose to remove it from trunk Dec 1st (2 years  
> after the last commit), unless somebody shows clear evidence that work  
> on this engine will resume till then.

The Igor game engine allows the demos to be completed, although there 
has been no progress on the full version.

The game data and logic is hard coded, which makes further progress more 
difficult. The English versions are difficult to find for sale too, 
especially the CD release.

The Igor game engine should be kept, since the game demos are supported, 
and the existing code would be wasted.

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