[Scummvm-devel] Updated Translation Patch

Alex Bevilacqua alexbevi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 14:13:33 CET 2009

Hey Guys,

I was looking into Jordi's message translation patch (
and how it hadn't been updated for a while. I'm not really a scummvm pro, so
this isn't 100%, but it's functional in-so-far as compiling.

I'm hoping someone can take it from here and actually get it working. I had
a problem getting po2c running from the common/module.mk directly as part of
the build process, but if you run it manually, it works.

Basically, the scummvm.pot file can be created successfully, and you can
generate localizations using msginit, but I haven't been able to actually
utilize any of the .po files in the GUI (I updated the themes to include the
necessary label/dropdown though so it's there for testing).

Hopefully someone can finish this off, as I'm not sure when to dump the po
files as part of installation so that the TranslationManager can pick up and
enumerate them.

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