[Scummvm-devel] Adding Teen Agent engine to ScummVM

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Wed Sep 2 13:48:16 CEST 2009

Am 02.09.2009 um 13:15 schrieb Eugene Sandulenko:

> 2009/9/2 Владимир Меньшаков <whoozle at yandex.ru>:
>> Hello, everyone!
>> I picked teen teenagent engine development several weeks ago. Now,  
>> it is
>> possible to complete first part of the game (agent school) and some  
>> parts of
>> the village. Current engine supports sound effects, music, in-game
>> animations(with parallel animation synchronization). Save/Load(you  
>> could use
>> your old original savegames), "return to launcher" and "load from  
>> launcher"
>> features are also supported.
> Those are indeed good news, Vladimir Menshakov :)
>> I would like to join the team and continue development in turn,  
>> just as sev
>> suggested.
> Yeah, the engine is in a really rapid development phase thanks to
> Vladimir's effort, 180 commits in a month :)
> And the game is freeware, so that is a really good addition to our
> collection of the engines.
> I see no problem with it, on the contrary that would be a really nice
> contribution and the team addition.

Cool, I am all for it. Uunder the usual expectations on Vladimis:  
adhering to our code formatting standards, offering to keep working on  
the engine (we don't want yet another half-finished engine that never  
gets completed ;).


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