[Scummvm-devel] Adding Frotz engine to ScummVM

yotam barnoy yotambarnoy at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 15:56:49 CEST 2009

>And those "graphical" Frotz games are in my eyes still text
>adventures, only with some convenience functions that allow one to
>"enter" words by clicking instead of typing. They are out of scope for

Are Legend games also out of scope for ScummVm then?

I don't think we can talk about scope anymore, as much as about technical
limitations and relative advantages. If our backends right now don't support
any of the functionality that would help text games, and an engine out there
does it much better, then we can say (for now) there's no advantage in
usurping the territory of that other engine. IIRC, similar sentiments were
said about Freesci and Sarien at the time. Scummvm's scope definitely grows
with time, and to say that it's still just about point & click adventures is
(in my opinion) not to recognize what it has become. I think, however, that
given what is currently defined as being within Scummvm, it simply doesn't
seem reasonable to move into a very different engine type. With time, that
may change.

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