[Scummvm-devel] String fragments and system strings in SCI

Walter van Niftrik walter at vanniftrik-it.nl
Wed Sep 16 02:34:48 CEST 2009

Max Horn wrote:
> Maybe that's not necessary. After all, the advantage of using segments  
> is that we can tell for all data were it comes from. The problem is  
> that the four SegManager::deref*() methods "hide" this information.  
> Since we are in C++, we could remove these "typeless" methods, and  
> replace them by type aware ones. For example, derefString could return  
> a proxy object which would automatically do the right thing depending  
> on whether the dereferenced segment is reg_t or raw based...

Yes, that's basically what I tried to suggest in my first mail on this 
topic. :)

As I pointed out in that email, we can only do that if we store data 
consistently. Right now we have both raw and reg_t-based data living 
inside reg_t segments, which complicates matters considerably.



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