[Scummvm-devel] WebOS Port: The next steps

Klaus Reimer k at ailis.de
Tue Apr 19 07:46:56 CEST 2011

On 04/14/2011 01:29 PM, Max Horn wrote:
> Yes, a shared account would be preferably. As I say so often, we need
> to make sure our bus factor is not too low: If you ever happen to
> "vanish" (e.g. don't have time for ScummVM anymore), we'd still want
> to be able to release WebOS updates. 

While a shared account is currently not acceptable by Palm what about
using a developer-specific app ID? So I could upload the app with the ID
"de.ailis.scummvm.scummvm". In case I "vanish" the ScummVM team can
later publish a "org.scummvm.scummvm" (or using some other
developer-specific ID). Then there are multiple ScummVM packages in the
catalog but at least you don't loose control over the "org.scummvm"

And Palm is very supportive through their forums so I'm sure an official
request from the ScummVM team is enough to make them remove the
de.ailis.scummvm package if needed.

The configuration of the WebOS ScummVM port is held in a directory which
is independent of the app ID so multiple ScummVM apps would share the
same configuration. So it is no problem for users switching from a
de.ailis.scummvm app to a org.scummvm.scummvm app.

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