[Scummvm-devel] Release 1.3.0 status - 2011-05-16

Johannes Schickel lordhoto at scummvm.org
Mon May 16 23:09:03 CEST 2011


Eugene proposed that we delay the release by a week, since we still have the 
AGI release critical bug open and NDS seems to have problems right now too. 
Since he is currently busy with real-life he asked me to write a mail about 

So our schedule will now look like:

  May 23rd   -- tagging, release tarballs are uploaded
  May 27th   -- release

As far as I can tell we have are fine with the following ports:

 * Android
 * Dingux
 * GC/Wii
 * iPhone (at least there had been a few commits recently and I did not read  
 * N64
 * PSP
 * Symbian
 * WebOS
 * WinCE

The following ports could need a status update (or I missed some mails, sorry 
in that case):

 * GP2X/Wiz /and Caanoo)
 * Openpandora

They seem to build fine on buildbot right now, but I did not read anything 
about them otherwise. John could you please explain their status?

 * DC

Marcus could you please drop another mail about whether the regression testing 
you talked about went fine?

 * PS2
 * Linuxmoto
 * Maemo
 * SamsungTV

I just did not hear anything from these, so please if you are the port 
maintainer drop a mail about their status.

Last but not least the ports where we know we have still to fix some issues:

 * NDS

According to Neil's email it seems there is still some issues due to increased 
memory footprint.

 * Win32

Who is building the port this release now that Kirben is gone?

Next just a slight update to the bug list from the last status update email:

Fixed since last status update (this only includes bugs from this list!):

3093310: T7G: App Crashes Attempting To Save
3288328: SCI:QFG2 can't buy healing pills

Release critical:
3094846: AGI: Misaligned message box in BC, SQ1, SQ2

Nice to get fixed:
1847454: DIG: Rat Trap Puzzle Error
1947723: SAM: text off screen in german version
2721332: DIG: Cursor delays to appear after scene skip
3022067: COMI: crash on 1-st scene (Russian version)
3174197: FOA: Wrong colors in the Amiga version
2951521: SPYFOX 3: Sprite problem

3084939: WOODRUFF: Possible lockup in the prison tower
3084414: WOODRUFF: Annoying scrolling behaviour in windowed mode
3083442: WOODRUFF: Can't Get Master's Powers
2867675: GOB3: Duplicate main character sprite

3034704: GK1 Demo: Can't research Malia

3280674: ScummTools do not compress monster.sou of german fdd-version

2880939: NIPPON: No Elder
2957333: MADE: Screen effects sometimes look wrong/bad
2886145: ITE: Jail bug after speaking to Shiala
3166235: KYRA: Crash on startup on OS X.
3149412: BASS: Invalid Mode when giving shades to travel agent
3065376: DRACI: Inventory word are truncated
3069981: DRASCULA: no subtitles in scene with "von Braun"

3116541: AGI FAN Beyond the Titanic 2: Crash on Item Viewing
3080415: AGI: KQ4: Intro Text Box glich
3080041: AGI Mother Goose: White bar in intro
3080030: AGI Mother Goose: No text in speech bubble
3074570: AGI LSL1: TAB stops working after restart
3032379: SQ2 : Falling Off Log Almost Immediate
3018770: AGI: PQ1: Flickering newspaper

3011646: WAXWORKS: Tomb visitors check in, they don't check out
3011639: WAXWORKS: Doors remain open after loading earlier save game
3011635: WAXWORKS: Save games don't track completed waxworks

// Johannes

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