[Scummvm-devel] Towards a new release branch model

Marcus Comstedt marcus at mc.pp.se
Tue May 31 23:24:26 CEST 2011

Miguel Bernabeu <mukik182 at gmail.com> writes:

> We have our development branch ("master") and we prepare for a release
> (simply stating our code is mature), so we branch "stable". A bug is found
> in "stable", so we branch for bugfix or apply directly a bugfix (quick or
> not). At the same time we are working in new stuff on "master" _but_not_
> bugfixing "master". Now we rebase "stable" changes onto "master", so the
> quick fix is applied to "master" and a thorough fix can be applied later,
> without reverting the quick fix, simply a modifying commit.

As far as I could understand, the suggested model was to merge
"stable" into "master", not rebase it.  Rebasing is what we do _now_,
in the form of cherry-picking.

  // Marcus

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