[Scummvm-devel] Release 1.4.0 status: branched

Eugene Sandulenko sev at scummvm.org
Thu Oct 20 13:55:52 CEST 2011

Hi Team,

Release 1.4.0 has been branched. So master is unfrozen now. Please
remember that branch-1-4 remains in permanent feature freeze from now
on. The ports are not yet frozen, it will happen on 26th of October.
Porters, please hurry up.

This is to remind, that from now on all bugfixes have to be committed
to either branch-1-4 or master and then cherry-picked to another one.

The release schedule is following:

 Oct 26th: feature freeze on ports
 Nov 3rd: tagging
 Nov 11th: release

The buglist:

Release Critical:
None, few were fixed.

Nice to get Fixed:
3419778: AGOS: Deadlock when quitting Waxworks demo

1834818: COMI: Part 5: Clickable sky behaves strangely
3022067: COMI: crash on 1-st scene (Russian version)
1847454: DIG: Rat Trap Puzzle Error
2721332: DIG: Cursor delays to appear after scene skip
2838205: MONKEY: Voodoo lady palette glitches in Amiga version

1451721: MANIACNES: Minor newgame sound glitch
1841217: MANIAC V1: Feeding Meat Eating Plant doesn't work correctly
2535186: MANIAC V2: Meteor Police never arrives
2535191: MANIAC V2: Power never returns

3083442: WOODRUFF: Can't Get Master's Powers
3084414: WOODRUFF: Annoying scrolling behaviour in windowed mode
3084939: WOODRUFF: Possible lockup in the prison tower
2867675: GOB3: Duplicate main character sprite
3317549: GOB3: Cannot move Blount in the Brain level

2826006: RTZ: Item disappears
3069981: DRASCULA: no subtitles in scene with "von Braun"
2886145: ITE: Jail bug after speaking to Shiala
3313697: ITE Floppy: Audio loops and game stops responding

3032379: AGI: SQ2 : Falling Off Log Almost Immediate
3080030: AGI Mother Goose: No text in speech bubble
3080415: AGI: KQ4: Intro Text Box glich
3292787: AGI: SQ2: Gfx glitch at intro logo "Chapter 2"
3309941: AGI: Winnie: Color Palette Issue


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