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Bertrand Augereau bertrand_augereau at yahoo.fr
Tue Oct 25 09:07:53 CEST 2011

Salut Thierry, hi team,

we had the same problem with git at work, we thought we could leave with it, then it propagated in other tools through other filesystems and protocols.

I strongly think all filenames should be 7bit ascii to avoid problems that are uninteresting and hard to solve regarding the MANY platforms we support and work with :)



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Hi Team,

Currently there is one file in the git repository that use accentuated letters (the Spanish translation of the QuickStart file: "Incio rápido"). In theory the french translation should also use an accentuated letter but I was wary to do so. So I would like to get your opinion: should we avoid using accentuated letters in the file names (in which case I will rename the Spanish QuickStart file) or is it fine?

To help with the discussion I would like to mention two issues.

The first one is the one described below by the Spanish translator: the accentuated letter is not displayed correctly in the Windows installer (and Tomás clarified in a follow up email that the issue is with the 32 bit Windows installer provided by Kirben). Note that I know nothing about this installer and it might be easy to solve the issue without renaming the file in the repository.

The second issue was discussed on IRC today and is that on HFS+ volumes (I saw it on MacOS X) the file name is decomposed and this causes git to list the file twice with different names ("doc/es/Incio r\303\241pido" and "doc/es/Incio ra\314\201pido", the second one being flagged as untracked). This is not critical since it does not prevent working with the file but it is a bit annoying to always have one file listed as untracked by git. And I guess other OS might have issues as well.


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De : Tomás Maidagan
>Date : 23 octobre 2011 20:59:46 UTC+01:00
>À : criezy at scummvm.org
>Objet : About Spanish Quickstart.txt
>Hi, Thierry.
>I've been checking the recent daily builds and I've noticed that the name of the Spanish version of 'Quickstart.txt', which was originally called 'Inicio rápido.txt', has a problem: in the second word, instead of the letter with the accent, there's a weird symbol. It seems there was a problem with the accents when the file was included in the Spanish installer, so I'm letting you know to make sure it's fixed in the final version.

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