[Scummvm-devel] TsAGE engine and Geekwad

Eugene Sandulenko sev.mail at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 12:36:47 CET 2011

On 31 October 2011 11:16, Willem Jan Palenstijn <wjp at usecode.org> wrote:
> I agree with Johannes on this. I wouldn't be a happy with a ton of hardcoded
> logic specifically for arcade games.
I requested dreammaster to post this on -devel because I have same stance.

If the arcade scenes would be small part of the game, i.e. like space
flight scenes in The Last Dynasty, that could be OK. But here we are
talking about reusing game formats, and hardcode for the _all_ game
logic. Too big stretch in my opinion.

What I would like to encourage is to work on support for external
plugins for ScummVM. Thus projects like scummvm-misc, or scummvm-rpg
could be easily integrated at run-time. I even would vote for
supporting of such projects on our project facilities, just like we do
for Residual. I.e. provide cross-linking, server space, hosting etc.
Just let have ScummVM to be focused on adventures.

As of non-adventure games which are supported by ScummVM. So far the
rule of the thumb was: if the game uses same script engine, graphics
etc, and requires relatively small or platform-specific changes to the
engine, it is OK to go. As such in my opinion LoL was too big stretch
for us. SCI games require just the game entries, and HE non-adventure
games require just .u32 calls used for FPU arithmetics to be
implemented. AGOS games had not much code for supporting slightly
different opcode tables and EGA graphics routines.

Beisdes, with this in mind, SAGA2 game Faery Tale Adventure 2, source
code for which we have could be too much of the stretch too since it
is a hard mix between RPG and Adventure.


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