[Scummvm-devel] ATTN: ScummVM sourceforge project update

D G Turner d.g.turner at ntlworld.com
Tue Oct 2 05:41:19 CEST 2012

  Thank you for doing this. I have now tested and this now allows me to
  edit the bug fields as expected when logged in, so improved and now
  minimally functional.

  However, still some major deficits compared to the previous tracker:
  1. Only bugs marked "Open" or "Pending" appear to have been imported
     from the old tracker database.
     This would explain the change in bug numbering, we have observed.

     "Closed" bugs really should be imported as:
     a) They provide valuable historical information, are cross
        referenced in various commits and have useful attached data such
        as savegames.
     b) They may need to be reopened in the future, especially if they
        were closed on postponded / can't reproduce.
     c) They provide background information for developers and users
        about if an new issue or similar has been reported before,
        when and how it was resolved.

  2. The game groups are now mapped into "Milestone" field... which is
     not accurate in any sense.
     A custom "Engine: Game" field should be added and used instead.

  3. The game group name list seem to have had spaces, replaced by
     underscores, which makes them a pain to read. The original values
     with spaces should be restored.

  4. Some fields from the old tracker are missing, which carried useful
     data especially (from memory as I can't check the old interface):
     "Reason for Closure i.e. fixed, postponded, out-dated, invalid"
     "Subsystem(?) i.e. Graphics, Script Bugs, Occurred in Original"

     It should be possible to map these to a new custom "Reason for
     Closure" and tags/labels for the miscellaneous options.

  5. The "assigned" field for the developer assigned to look at an
     issue is now called "Owner" which is unhelpfully inaccurate,
     and can be confused with "Creator" which is the old Owner i.e.
     the bug submitter. Not sure if these can be renamed in the admin
     console, but they should be.

  6. The new tracker lacks a change history list per artifact/bug,
     which the old one had. This makes it hard to see what has been
     changed on a bug, when and by who.

     This is compounded as the new tracker also allows editable
     comments i.e. they are mutable, so this could lead to various
     annoyances of users removing useful information in error or
     modifying existing bugs in confusing ways.

    I would urge changing the admin settings to disable post-editing
    of comments and enabling a change log per bug if possible.

  7. A similar issue applies to the fact that attachments are now
     inlined as comments, rather than listed at the end, though
     this is less of an issue. Though the removal of attachments
     should probably be limited to creator and developer rights,
     as per the old tracker behaviour.

  If you or _sev could try to fix these defects in the admin
  configuration console, as long as it does not require excessive
  manual work.

  If sit does, or if only the SF.net administrators have the original
  database dump and SQL level access to do this, can you ask them to
  please supply this to us or restore the missing information here and
  otherwise address these defects in the Allura tracker.

  I would hope the worst case here is that we will have to get a bug
  database dump from SF.net prior to the current state i.e. no
  historical data lost and import to a MantisBT / Trac instance, with
  a cherry-pick of minor changes since the migration point, rather than
  we have lost the historical bug tracker data. :/
David Turner

On 10/01/12 14:30, Arnaud Boutonné wrote:
> Hi David,
> Thanks to the help of wjp, I have now a better understanding of how the
> rights are granted.
> I have added the 'Update' rights to the 'Developer' group, which allows to
> Edit a bug.
> Could you please test that now?
> Best regards,
> Arnaud

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