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On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 4:12 AM, Giovanni Bajo <giovannibajo at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm the original developer of the Tony Tough game engine. I was not aware
> that you were integrating it into ScummVm until I stumbled upon it today.
> It looks like most of the effort has been already done, but if you need any
> explanation, you have curiosities or whatever I can answer by email, please
> feel free to ask me, I would be really glad to help you.
> Thanks for your amazing work

As the developer responsible for the bulk of converting the game to run
under the ScummVM framework, let me say  welcome and salutations

As you say, re-development of the engine has been pretty much completed.
It's certainly a pity we weren't in communication earlier, though; your
experience would have been greatly appreciated. The engine was pretty
sophisticated compared to some of the other game engines we've worked on in
the past. Particularly the threading/messaging mechanisms. Although it did
give me some grief.. most of the work of re-implementing the game came from
having to refactor it all to use a single threaded co-routine mechanism
that simulates threading, so that the engine will work cleanly on all the
various platforms ScummVM supports.

One thing that would be very nice was if you had time to write any postings
about your experiences with the original development. Anything that comes
to mind.. methodologies you used, why you designed it the way you did, how
game requirements affected the implementation of the engine, anything.
ScummVM is as much about the community of active developers as the game
players, and it's rare for us to have a direct line with original
developers. I'm sure everyone else would be as interested in anything you
had to say as I would. You either post them to the list, or pass them onto
me, and I could make a blog posting of them.

And of course, we're always on the look-out for new developers to add to
our merry band. So if the urge takes you, I'm sure we could find other game
engines that you could work on. ;)

Paul Gilbert.
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