[Scummvm-devel] PortableApps.com Packaging steps

Matt Nadareski darksabre76 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 23:47:50 CET 2012

As requested by a dev:

1) Download the most recent version of ScummVM (.zip Win32)
2) Extract the contents to "ScummVMPortable\App\scummvm", overwriting
anything necessary
3) Go to "ScummVMPortable\App\AppInfo", and open the AppInfo.ini file for
4) Update the package and display versions according to the new release.
NOTE: While in Dev Test status on PortableApps.com, the package will be below the display version. This allows proper updating for beta
testers. When a program is released officially, the package and display
versions will be identical.
5) Run the PortableApps.comLauncher and create a new launcher based on the
root of the project ".\ScummVMPortable"
6) Test the launcher to ensure that the commandline parameters set in
"ScummVMPortable\App\AppInfo\Launcher\ScummVMPortable.ini" are still correct
7) Run the PortableApps.comInstaller to create a new installer package.
While in Dev Test, the file name should look like
"ScummVMPortable_1.5.0_Dev_Test_1_English.paf.exe". When it is officially
released, the file name should look like "ScummVMPortable_1.5.0.paf.exe" or
8) Test the installer both on an empty folder and on a previously installed
version. This will ensure nothing is broken for new or upgrading users.
9) If the file passes, it is ready for release.
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