[Scummvm-devel] Joining the development team

Manuel Alfayate redwindwanderer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 12:27:46 CET 2015

Good morning,

My name is Manuel Alfayate, and my nick is Vanfanel.
I'm a hobbist/unemployed C programmer on GNU/Linux enviroments using tools
like vim, gcc and gdb, and I mainly focus on ARM single-board-computers
like the Raspberry Pi, with special interest in non-X graphics APIs like
dispmanx and drm/kms. I've also writter backends for custom G2D
implementations, but I prefer things more "standard" these days.

For scummvm, I wrote a dispmanx renderer class for scummvm which got merged
last month, and also created EGL context classes for different systems,
which allowed x-less OpenGL graphics on a variety of ARM and X86 platforms.
However, that never got merged for different reasons.
I also added the raspberry pi host to the configure script so scummvm can
be cross-built for the raspberry pi, and did the wiki instructions to get
it done.

I would like to join the team so I can maintain and polish these things
myself: for example, SDL2-based GLES doesn't work at all on the Pi but it
can be easily fixed, my own dispmanx renderer is now superseeded by the
awesome plain-SDL2 (no GLES) renderer, etc...
I would also be the person to configure the enviroment in the build bot
system to generate Raspberry Pi cross-built binaries, I guess.

So I'm waiting for your approval.

Manuel (Vanfanel)
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