[Scummvm-devel] Flight of the Amazon Queen: 20th Anniversary Edition lands on the iOS App Store

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Sat Apr 2 17:58:11 CEST 2016

Hi again,

The game is now available also on Android, so feel free to ask also for
Google Play redeem code.

Google Play:

Amazon Appstore:

On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 5:27 PM, Liron Barzilai <liron at mojo-touch.com>

> Dear Team,
> As some of you may know me from previous work together, I’m Liron from
> MojoTouch.
> I am the producer of a new revamp edition of the classic adventure game
> Flight of the Amazon Queen and I’ve been working with John Passfield, the original
> game designer, to bring the game to modern platforms in time for it’s
> 20th anniversary!
> We just released for iOS and been featured on the App Store in ‘Best New
> Games’ section worldwide.
> As usual, our source code is at our website: http://mojo-touch.com/gpl/
> and full ScummVM credits are included on the game's new About screen.
> I like to offer free redeem code to any ScummVM team member that like to
> get one, just drop me an email.
> And now that Google also let developers creates redeem codes, we can offer
> ones to all our Android releases as well. Let me know if you like any.
> https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=MojoTouch
> As a reminder, some details about the game:
> Inspired by the classic LucasArts adventure games, Flight of the Amazon
> Queen is a point and click graphic adventure set in the 1940’s. You play
> Joe King, pilot for hire, tasked with flying famous movie starlet Faye
> Russell into the Amazon jungle for a photo shoot. Things take a turn for
> the worse and Joe finds himself up against a mad scientist intent on taking
> over the world!
> I’ve included the full press release at the bottom of this email.
> Download from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1082321063
> Check out the trailer:  https://youtu.be/t-bZ-NXkGrc
> Download the press kit here: http://mojo-touch.com/FOTAQ-PR_Kit.zip
> Best Regards,
> Liron Barzilai
> MojoTouch
> Flight of the Amazon Queen: 20th Anniversary Edition available now on iOS!
> 25th March, 2016 - MojoTouch and Red Sprite Studios are happy to announce
> the launch of the 20th Anniversary Edition of the classic point and click
> adventure game: Flight of the Amazon Queen - which has been featured by
> Apple on the App Store in “Best New Games” worldwide.
> Remastered for mobile, the 20th Anniversary Edition features improved
> graphics rendering, full voice acting, a highly praised touch interface,
> high definition menus and loads of bonus material.
> Please visit https://youtu.be/t-bZ-NXkGrc for the video trailer.
> The year is 1949 and you play Joe King, pilot for hire, tasked with flying
> famous movie starlet Faye Russell into the Amazon jungle for a photo shoot.
> Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan and Joe finds himself stranded in
> the heart of the jungle where he must rescue a kidnapped princess, brave a
> dangerous temple, encounter fearsome Amazonian warriors, and uncover a mad
> scientist’s plan to take over the world!
> It's up to you to deal with the imminent threat of world domination … but
> be careful, or this may be the last Flight of the Amazon Queen!
> “I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the game was released. The work
> MojoTouch has done is amazing, the game looks like it was made especially
> for a mobile device.” said John Passfield, designer and programmer of the
> original game.
> “It’s exciting to bring this classic game, with revamped experience, to a
> whole new generation of fans.” said Liron Barzilai, producer and developer
> of the 20th Anniversary Edition.
> Available on the App Store:
> https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1082321063
> The game features:
> - A classic graphic adventure based on the much-loved LucasArts adventure
> games and the adventure films of the '40s
> - Explore over 100 exotic locations and interact with over 40 wildly
> individual characters including, but not limited to, a tribe of Amazon
> women and 6-foot-tall pygmies
> - Witty dialogues packed with sassy humor will make you laugh out loud
> - FULL voice-acting including the talents of the famous British actress
> Penelope Keith, Actor William Hootkins who played Red Six(Jek Porkins) in
> Star Wars, Brad Lavelle, Tom Hill, Enn Reitel, Jon Coleman, Debbie Arnold
> and more!
> 20th Anniversary Edition features:
> - Totally new, much praised, game play controls that were built from the
> ground up for touch-screens.
>  *  Hotspot based - no more pixel hunting!
>  *  All-new slick icons and animations.
>  *  For more details, please see our tutorial video:
> https://youtu.be/Scq1QDKOFHA
> - A stunning new HD graphic mode that upscales the game beautifully to
> high-resolutions
> - Completely new game menus and save/load system
> - Music options: MT-32 or Original Adlib
> - Optional retro settings: play with original graphics and even the
> original controls (mouse pointer)
> - Multiple languages (ALL included without additional payment):
> English voice acting, with the option for adding subtitles in English,
> Spanish, Italian and Hebrew
> German voice acting with or without German subtitles
> French voice acting with or without French subtitles
> Download the press kit here:
> http://mojo-touch.com/FOTAQ-PR_Kit.zip
> Critics and fans quotes:
> "A great game, that'll give you hours of fun and leave you feeling good.
> We love it!"
> -Mr. Bill's Adventureland
> "Walks on the fine line between Monkey Island and Indiana Jones without
> falling."
> "A well-executed adventure."
> - Leading MobyGames reviewers
> The 20th Anniversary Edition produced and developed by
> MojoTouch www.mojo-touch.com a professional software house for mobile
> world, founded in 2008 at Tel-Aviv, Israel by Liron Barzilai.
> Licensed from Red Sprite Studios, www.redspritestudios.com - the original
> Australian-based game developer.
> LucasArts, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and Star Wars are registered
> trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd.
> For further information on this release, please contact MojoTouch at:
> http://mojo-touch.com/contact/
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