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Vincent Hamm yazoo at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Dec 19 16:37:03 CET 2001

Update of /cvsroot/scummvm/scummvm
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Added Files:
      Tag: exp_1
	debugrl.h gui.h scummvm.6 sound.h 
Log Message:

--- NEW FILE: debugrl.h ---
#include <stdio.h>
#include <readline/readline.h>
#include <readline/history.h>
// initializes readline with our own completer
void initialize_readline ();

--- NEW FILE: gui.h ---
#if !defined(gui_h)
#define gui_h

enum {
	GUI_NONE = 0,
	GUI_TEXT = 1,
	GUI_STAT = 3,

enum {


struct GuiWidget {
	byte _type;
	byte _page;
	byte _flags;
	int16 _x,_y;
	uint16 _w,_h;
	uint16 _id;
	byte _string_number;


struct Gui {
	Scumm *_s;
	const GuiWidget *_widgets[4];
	int _curX, _curY;
	VirtScreen *_vs;
	byte _color,_shadowcolor;
	byte _bgcolor;
	byte _textcolor;
	byte _textcolorhi;
	int _parentX, _parentY;
	byte _active;
	byte _clickTimer;
	byte _cur_page;
	byte _dialog;
	int _clickWidget;
	char *_queryMess;

	/* savedialog specifics */	
	int _slotIndex;
	int _editString;
	int _editLen;
	bool valid_games[9];
	char game_names[9][SAVEGAME_NAME_LEN];
	void loop();
	void init(Scumm *s);
	void draw(int start, int end);
	void draw(int item) { draw(item,-1); }
	void drawWidget(const GuiWidget *w);
	void moveto(int x, int y);
	void lineto(int x, int y);
	void hline(int x, int y, int x2);
	void vline(int x, int y, int y2);
	void drawString(const char *str, int x, int y, int w, byte color, bool center);
	void widgetClear(const GuiWidget *w);
	void widgetBorder(const GuiWidget *w);
	byte *getBasePtr(int x, int y);
	const GuiWidget *widgetFromPos(int x, int y);
	void leftMouseClick(int x, int y);
	void handleCommand(int cmd);
	void close();
	const char *queryString(int string, int id);
	void getSavegameNames(int start);
	void editString(int index);
	void showCaret(bool show);
	void addLetter(byte letter);
	void saveLoadDialog();
	void queryMessage(const char *msg, const char *alts);
	byte getDefaultColor(int color);
	void pause();

--- NEW FILE: scummvm.6 ---
.\"                                      Hey, EMACS: -*- nroff -*-
.\" First parameter, NAME, should be all caps
.\" Second parameter, SECTION, should be 1-8, maybe w/ subsection
.\" other parameters are allowed: see man(7), man(1)
.TH SCUMMVM 6 "November 18, 2001"
.\" Please adjust this date whenever revising the manpage.
.\" Some roff macros, for reference:
.\" .nh        disable hyphenation
.\" .hy        enable hyphenation
.\" .ad l      left justify
.\" .ad b      justify to both left and right margins
.\" .nf        disable filling
.\" .fi        enable filling
.\" .br        insert line break
.\" .sp <n>    insert n+1 empty lines
.\" for manpage-specific macros, see man(7)
scummvm \- SCUMM graphic adventure game interpreter
.B scummvm
.RI [ options ] " game" ...
\fBscummvm\fP is an interpreter that will play graphic adventure games written
for LucasArts' SCUMM virtual machine.
The following games have been reported to work:
\fBMonkey Island I\fP (CD version)
\fBMonkey Island II\fP
\fBIndiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis\fP
\fBDay of the Tentacle\fP
\fBSam & Max Hit the Road\fP (partially)
Please be aware that the engine contains bugs and non-implemented features that
may make it impossible to finish the game.
The interpreter expects to find the game's data files in the current directory.
For example, \fBmonkey2.000\fP and \fBmonkey2.001\fP. The name of the game is
then supplied on the command line.
.B monkey
Monkey Island I
.B monkey2
Monkey Island II
.B atlantis
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
.B playfate
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (demo)
.B tentacle
Day of the Tentacle
.B dottdemo
Day of the Tentacle (demo)
.B samnmax
Sam & Max Hit the Road
.B snmdemo
Sam & Max Hit the Road (demo)
Additionally, the following options are supported.
.BI \-b <room>
Starts the game in the specified room. The default is 0.
.B \-f
Runs in full-screen mode.
While the game is running, the following keys can be used (in addition to any
keys used by the game):
.B Ctrl+0..9
Load a previously saved game state.
.B Shift+0..9
Save a game state.
.B Ctrl+Z
Quit the game.
.B Ctrl+F
Run in fast mode (process frames as fast as possible).
.B Ctrl+D
Starts the debugger.
.B Ctrl+S
Shows memory consumption.
This manual page was written by David Given <dg at cowlark.com>,
for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
\fBScummVM\fP was written by Ludvig Strigeus <strigeus at users.sourceforge.net>
and the ScummVM team. See
.B http://scummvm.sourceforge.net
for more information.

--- NEW FILE: sound.h ---
/* ScummVM - Scumm Interpreter
 * Copyright (C) 2001  The ScummVM project
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
 * Change Log:
 * $Log: sound.h,v $
 * Revision  2001/12/20 00:36:33  yazoo
 * *** empty log message ***
 * Revision 1.3  2001/12/01 17:25:36  strigeus
 * fixed to compile on unix
 * Revision 1.2  2001/12/01 17:06:13  strigeus
 * adlib sound support, use USE_ADLIB
 * Revision 1.1  2001/11/14 18:37:38  strigeus
 * music support,
 * fixed timing bugs

int clamp(int val, int min, int max);

struct FM_OPL;
struct Part;
struct MidiChannel;
struct MidiChannelAdl;
struct MidiChannelGM;
struct VolumeFader;
struct Player;
struct HookDatas;
struct SoundEngine;
struct SoundDriver;
struct Instrument;
struct AdlibSoundDriver;
struct MidiSoundDriver;

#if defined(USE_ADLIB)
#define SOUND_DRIVER_TYPE AdlibSoundDriver 
#define SOUND_DRIVER_TYPE MidiSoundDriver

struct Struct10 {
	byte active;
	int16 cur_val;
	int16 count;
	uint16 param;
	int16 start_value;
	byte loop;
	byte table_a[4];
	byte table_b[4];
	int8 unk3;
	int8 modwheel;
	int8 modwheel_last;
	uint16 speed_lo_max;
	uint16 num_steps;
	int16 speed_hi;
	int8 direction;
	uint16 speed_lo;
	uint16 speed_lo_counter;

struct Struct11 {
	int16 modify_val;
	byte param,flag0x40,flag0x10;
	Struct10 *s10;

struct InstrumentExtra {
	byte a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h;

struct Instrument {
	byte flags_1;
	byte oplvl_1;
	byte atdec_1;
	byte sustrel_1;
	byte waveform_1;
	byte flags_2;
	byte oplvl_2;
	byte atdec_2;
	byte sustrel_2;
	byte waveform_2;
	byte feedback;
	byte flags_a;
	InstrumentExtra extra_a;
	byte flags_b;
	InstrumentExtra extra_b;
	byte duration;

struct Part {
	int _slot;
	Part *_next, *_prev;
	MidiChannel *_mc;
	Player *_player;
	int16 _pitchbend;
	byte _pitchbend_factor;
	int8 _transpose,_transpose_eff;
	byte _vol,_vol_eff;
	int8 _detune,_detune_eff;
	int8 _pan,_pan_eff;
	bool _on;
	byte _modwheel;
	bool _pedal;
	byte _program;
	int8 _pri;
	byte _pri_eff;
	byte _chan;
	byte _effect_level;
	byte _chorus;
	byte _percussion;
	byte _bank;

	void key_on(byte note, byte velocity);
	void key_off(byte note);
	void set_param(byte param, int value);
	void init(SoundDriver *_driver);
	void setup(Player *player);
	void uninit();
	void off();
	void silence();
	void set_instrument(uint b);
	void set_instrument(Instrument *data);

	void set_transpose(int8 transpose);
	void set_vol(uint8 volume);
	void set_detune(int8 detune);
	void set_pri(int8 pri);
	void set_pan(int8 pan);
	void set_modwheel(uint value);
	void set_pedal(bool value);
	void set_pitchbend(int value);
	void release_pedal();
	void set_program(byte program);
	void set_chorus(uint chorus);
	void set_effect_level(uint level);
	int update_actives(uint16 *active);
	void set_pitchbend_factor(uint8 value);
	void set_onoff(bool on);
	void fix_after_load();

	void update_pris();

	void changed(byte what);

struct MidiChannel {
	Part *_part;
	MidiChannelAdl *adl() { return (MidiChannelAdl*)this; }
	MidiChannelGM *gm() { return (MidiChannelGM*)this; }

struct MidiChannelAdl : MidiChannel {
	MidiChannelAdl *_next,*_prev;
	byte _waitforpedal;
	byte _note;
	byte _channel;
	byte _twochan;
	byte _vol_1,_vol_2;
	int16 _duration;

	Struct10 _s10a;
	Struct11 _s11a;
	Struct10 _s10b;
	Struct11 _s11b;

struct MidiChannelGM : MidiChannel {
	byte _chan;
	uint16 _actives[8];

struct VolumeFader {
	Player *player;
	bool active;
	byte curvol;
	uint16 speed_lo_max,num_steps;
	int8 speed_hi;
	int8 direction;
	int8 speed_lo;
	uint16 speed_lo_counter;
	void initialize() { active = false; }
	void on_timer();

struct HookDatas {
	byte _jump,_transpose;
	byte _part_onoff[16];
	byte _part_volume[16];
	byte _part_program[16];
	byte _part_transpose[16];

	int query_param(int param, byte chan);
	int set(byte cls, byte value, byte chan);

struct Player {
	SoundEngine *_se;

	Part *_parts;
	bool _active;
	bool _scanning;
	int _id;
	byte _priority;
	byte _volume;
	int8 _pan;
	int8 _transpose;
	int8 _detune;
	uint _vol_chan;
	byte _vol_eff;
	uint _song_index;
	uint _track_index;
	uint _timer_counter;
	uint _loop_to_beat;
	uint _loop_from_beat;
	uint _loop_counter;
	uint _loop_to_tick;
	uint _loop_from_tick;
	uint32 _tempo;
	uint32 _tempo_eff; /* NoSave */
	uint32 _cur_pos;
	uint32 _next_pos;
	uint32 _song_offset;
	uint32 _timer_speed; /* NoSave */
	uint _tick_index;
	uint _beat_index;
	uint _ticks_per_beat;
	byte _speed; /* NoSave */
	bool _abort;

	HookDatas _hook;

	/* Player part */
	void hook_clear();
	void clear();
	bool start_sound(int sound);
	void uninit_parts();
	byte *parse_midi(byte *s);
	void key_off(uint8 chan, byte data);
	void key_on(uint8 chan, byte data, byte velocity);
	void part_set_transpose(uint8 chan, byte relative, int8 b);
	void parse_sysex(byte *p, uint len);
	void maybe_jump(byte *data);
	void maybe_set_transpose(byte *data);
	void maybe_part_onoff(byte *data);
	void maybe_set_volume(byte *data);
	void maybe_set_program(byte *data);
	void maybe_set_transpose_part(byte *data);
	uint update_actives();
	Part *get_part(uint8 part);
	void turn_off_pedals();
	int set_vol(byte vol);
	int get_param(int param, byte chan);
	int query_part_param(int param, byte chan);
	int set_transpose(byte relative, int b);
	void set_priority(int pri);
	void set_pan(int pan);
	void set_detune(int detune);
	void turn_off_parts();
	void play_active_notes();
	void cancel_volume_fade();

	static void decode_sysex_bytes(byte *src, byte *dst, int len);

	void clear_active_note(int chan, byte note);
	void set_active_note(int chan, byte note);
	void clear_active_notes();

	/* Sequencer part */
	bool set_loop(uint count, uint tobeat, uint totick, uint frombeat, uint fromtick);
	void clear_loop();
	void set_speed(byte speed);
	bool jump(uint track, uint beat, uint tick);
	void uninit_seq();
	void set_tempo(uint32 data);
	int start_seq_sound(int sound);
	void find_sustaining_notes(byte *a, byte *b, uint32 l);
	int scan(uint totrack, uint tobeat, uint totick);
	int query_param(int param);

	int fade_vol(byte vol, int time);
	void sequencer_timer();

struct SustainingNotes {
	SustainingNotes *next;
	SustainingNotes *prev;
	Player *player;
	byte note,chan;
	uint32 off_pos;
	uint32 pos;
	uint16 counter;

struct CommandQueue {
	uint16 array[8];

struct IsNoteCmdData {
	byte chan;
	byte note;
	byte vel;

struct SoundDriver {
	enum {
		pcMod = 1,
		pcVolume = 2,
		pcPedal = 4,
		pcModwheel = 8,
		pcPan = 16,
		pcEffectLevel = 32,
		pcProgram = 64,
		pcChorus = 128,
		pcAll = 255,

struct AdlibSoundDriver : SoundDriver {
	FM_OPL *_opl;
	byte *_adlib_reg_cache;
	SoundEngine *_se;

	int _adlib_timer_counter;

	uint16 channel_table_2[9];
	int _midichan_index;
	int _next_tick;
	uint16 curnote_table[9];
	MidiChannelAdl _midi_channels[9];

	Instrument _part_instr[32];
	Instrument _glob_instr[32];

	void adlib_key_off(int chan);
	void adlib_note_on(int chan, byte note, int mod);
	void adlib_note_on_ex(int chan, byte note, int mod);
	int adlib_read_param(int chan, byte data);
	void adlib_setup_channel(int chan, Instrument *instr, byte vol_1, byte vol_2);
	byte adlib_read(byte port) { return _adlib_reg_cache[port]; }	
	void adlib_set_param(int channel, byte param, int value);
	void adlib_key_onoff(int channel);
	void adlib_write(byte port, byte value);
	void adlib_playnote(int channel, int note);

	MidiChannelAdl *allocate_midichan(byte pri);

	void reset_tick();
	void mc_off(MidiChannel *mc);	

	static void link_mc(Part *part, MidiChannelAdl *mc);
	static void mc_inc_stuff(MidiChannelAdl *mc, Struct10 *s10, Struct11 *s11);
	static void mc_init_stuff(MidiChannelAdl *mc, Struct10 *s10, Struct11 *s11, byte flags, InstrumentExtra *ie);
	static void struct10_init(Struct10 *s10, InstrumentExtra *ie);
	static byte struct10_ontimer(Struct10 *s10, Struct11 *s11);
	static void struct10_setup(Struct10 *s10);
	static int random_nr(int a);
	void mc_key_on(MidiChannel *mc, byte note, byte velocity);

	void uninit();
	void init(SoundEngine *eng);
	void update_pris() { }
	void generate_samples(int16 *buf, int len);
	void on_timer();
	void set_instrument(uint slot, byte *instr);
	void part_set_instrument(Part *part, Instrument *instr);
	void part_key_on(Part *part, byte note, byte velocity);
	void part_key_off(Part *part, byte note);
	void part_set_param(Part *part, byte param, int value);
	void part_changed(Part *part,byte what);
	void part_off(Part *part);
	int part_update_active(Part *part,uint16 *active);
	void adjust_priorities() {}

	bool wave_based() { return true; }

struct MidiSoundDriver : SoundDriver {
	void *_mo;
	bool _mt32emulate;
	SoundEngine *_se;

	MidiChannelGM _midi_channels[9];

	int16 _midi_pitchbend_last[16];
	uint8 _midi_volume_last[16];
	bool _midi_pedal_last[16];
	byte _midi_modwheel_last[16];
	byte _midi_effectlevel_last[16];
	byte _midi_chorus_last[16];
	int8 _midi_pan_last[16];

	void midiPitchBend(byte chan, int16 pitchbend);
	void midiVolume(byte chan, byte volume);
	void midiPedal(byte chan, bool pedal);
	void midiModWheel(byte chan, byte modwheel);
	void midiEffectLevel(byte chan, byte level);
	void midiChorus(byte chan, byte chorus);
	void midiControl0(byte chan, byte value);
	void midiProgram(byte chan, byte program);
	void midiPan(byte chan, int8 pan);
	void midiNoteOn(byte chan, byte note, byte velocity);
	void midiNoteOff(byte chan, byte note);
	void midiSilence(byte chan);
	void midiInit();

	void uninit();
	void init(SoundEngine *eng);
	void update_pris();
	void part_off(Part *part);
	int part_update_active(Part *part,uint16 *active);

	void generate_samples(int16 *buf, int len) {}
	void on_timer() {}
	void set_instrument(uint slot, byte *instr) {}
	void part_set_instrument(Part *part, Instrument *instr) {}
	void part_set_param(Part *part, byte param, int value) {}
	void part_key_on(Part *part, byte note, byte velocity);
	void part_key_off(Part *part, byte note);
	void part_changed(Part *part,byte what);

	bool wave_based() { return false; }

struct SoundEngine {
friend struct Player;

	byte **_base_sounds;

	Scumm *_s;
	byte _locked;

	bool _paused;
	bool _active_volume_faders;
	bool _initialized;
	byte _volume_fader_counter;

	uint _queue_end, _queue_pos, _queue_sound;
	byte _queue_adding;

	SustainingNotes *_sustain_notes_used;
	SustainingNotes *_sustain_notes_free;
	SustainingNotes *_sustain_notes_head;

	byte _queue_marker;
	byte _queue_cleared;
	byte _master_volume;

	uint16 _trigger_count;
	uint16 _channel_volume[8];
	uint16 _channel_volume_eff[8]; /* NoSave */
	uint16 _volchan_table[8];
	Player _players[8];
	SustainingNotes _sustaining_notes[24];
	VolumeFader _volume_fader[8];
	Part _parts[32];
	uint16 _active_notes[128];
	CommandQueue _cmd_queue[64];

	byte *findTag(int sound, char *tag, int index);
	int get_queue_sound_status(int sound);
	Player *allocate_player(byte priority);
	void handle_marker(uint id, byte data);
	int get_channel_volume(uint a);
	void init_players();
	void init_parts();
	void init_volume_fader();
	void init_sustaining_notes();
	void init_queue();

	void sequencer_timers();
	void expire_sustain_notes();
	void expire_volume_faders();

	Part *allocate_part(byte pri);

	int enqueue_command(int a, int b, int c, int d, int e, int f, int g);
	int enqueue_trigger(int sound, int marker);
	int query_queue(int param);
	Player *get_player_byid(int id);
	int get_volchan_entry(uint a);
	int set_volchan_entry(uint a, uint b);
	int set_channel_volume(uint chan, uint vol);
	void update_volumes();
	void reset_tick();
	VolumeFader *allocate_volume_fader();

	int set_volchan(int sound, int volchan);

	void fix_parts_after_load();
	void fix_players_after_load();

	static int saveReference(SoundEngine *me, byte type, void *ref);
	static void *loadReference(SoundEngine *me, byte type, int ref);

	void lock();
	void unlock();

	void on_timer();
	Part *parts_ptr() { return _parts; }
	void pause(bool paused);
	int initialize(Scumm *scumm, SoundDriver *driver);
	int terminate();
	int save_or_load(Serializer *ser);
	int set_master_volume(uint vol);
	int get_master_volume();
	bool start_sound(int sound);
	int stop_sound(int sound);
	int stop_all_sounds();
	int get_sound_status(int sound);
	int32 do_command(int a, int b, int c, int d, int e, int f, int g, int h);
	int clear_queue();
	void setBase(byte **base) { _base_sounds = base; }

	SOUND_DRIVER_TYPE *driver() { return _driver; }

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