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Torbjörn Andersson eriktorbjorn at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Jan 1 06:12:01 CET 2006

Update of /cvsroot/scummvm/scummvm
In directory sc8-pr-cvs1.sourceforge.net:/tmp/cvs-serv27594

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      Tag: branch-0-8-0
Log Message:
Updated BS2 section. I haven't actually received verification that the bug
is fixed, but I'm fairly confident that it is. If not, it should be soon.

Index: NEWS
RCS file: /cvsroot/scummvm/scummvm/NEWS,v
retrieving revision
retrieving revision
diff -u -d -r1.132.2.8 -r1.132.2.9
--- NEWS	30 Dec 2005 07:26:48 -0000
+++ NEWS	1 Jan 2006 14:11:02 -0000
@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@
    - Fixes and cleanups to the end credits. The German credits work now.
+   - Fixed missing speech/music in the second half of the game, reported to
+     happen in some versions of the game.
  PSP Port:
    - Fixed a bug that caused Broken Sword 1, and games that use ripped CDDA

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