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Sun Nov 12 20:53:22 CET 2006

Revision: 24700
Author:   sev
Date:     2006-11-12 11:52:50 -0800 (Sun, 12 Nov 2006)

Log Message:
Sync credits and add BS1 Mac to compatibility list.

Modified Paths:

Modified: web/trunk/compatibility.php
--- web/trunk/compatibility.php	2006-11-12 19:49:02 UTC (rev 24699)
+++ web/trunk/compatibility.php	2006-11-12 19:52:50 UTC (rev 24700)
@@ -296,7 +296,9 @@
 		   "<br>- The fonts for the LINC terminal are partially incorrect and the text sometimes passes the screen borders".
 		   "<br>- Special characters for french and italian subtitles are incorrect sometimes",
 "sword1"	=> "No known issues, game is completable.".
-		   "<br>- Macintosh and PlayStation 1 version aren't supported.",
+		   "<br>- DOS and Macintosh versions are supported by this target".
+		   "<br>- No music in Macintosh version.".
+		   "<br>- PlayStation 1 version isn't supported.",
 "sword2"	=> "No known issues, game is completable.".
 		   "<br>- PlayStation 1 version isn't supported.",
 "queen"		=> "No known issues, game is completable.".

Modified: web/trunk/credits.inc
--- web/trunk/credits.inc	2006-11-12 19:49:02 UTC (rev 24699)
+++ web/trunk/credits.inc	2006-11-12 19:52:50 UTC (rev 24700)
@@ -270,6 +270,7 @@
 <tr><td style='width:13em; padding:2px;'>Ori Avtalion</td><td style='width:10em; text-align: left;' class='news-author'>salty-horse</td><td>Subtitle control options in the GUI</td>
 <tr><td style='width:13em; padding:2px;'>Stuart Caie</td><td></td><td>Decoders for Simon 1 Amiga data files</td>
 <tr><td style='width:13em; padding:2px;'>Paolo Costabel</td><td></td><td>PSP port contributions</td>
+<tr><td style='width:13em; padding:2px;'>Thierry Crozat</td><td style='width:10em; text-align: left;' class='news-author'>criezy</td><td>Support for Broken Sword 1 Macintosh version</td>
 <tr><td style='width:13em; padding:2px;'>John Doe</td><td></td><td>Improved DXA compression</td>
 <tr><td style='width:13em; padding:2px;'>Thomas Fach-Pedersen</td><td style='width:10em; text-align: left;' class='news-author'>madmoose</td><td>ProTracker module player</td>
 <tr><td style='width:13em; padding:2px;'>Benjamin Haisch</td><td></td><td>Encoder for DXA videos</td>

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