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Author:   fingolfin
Date:     2008-03-31 08:39:22 -0700 (Mon, 31 Mar 2008)

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Updated GSoC deadline

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Modified: web/trunk/news/20080331.xml
--- web/trunk/news/20080331.xml	2008-03-31 12:01:21 UTC (rev 31342)
+++ web/trunk/news/20080331.xml	2008-03-31 15:39:22 UTC (rev 31343)
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
 <DATE>March 31st, 2008</DATE>
 <AUTHOR>sev (blatantly borrowed from Fingolfin)</AUTHOR>
+	<p><b>UPDATE: The GSoC deadline was extend to April, 8<sup>th</sup>! The <a href="http://code.google.com/opensource/gsoc/2008/faqs.html#0.1_timeline">GSoC timeline</a> should be updated soon to reflect this.</b></p>
 		Do you enjoy the fabulousness of ScummVM? You still have a chance
 		to add to it by participating in its development.
@@ -28,8 +29,7 @@
 		Note that your first application draft doesn't have to be
 		perfect. You have time till April 10<sup>th</sup> to improve upon it
-		(see GSoC timeline <a href="http://code.google.com/opensource/gsoc/2008/faqs.html#0.1_timeline">
-		here</a>).
+		(see the <a href="http://code.google.com/opensource/gsoc/2008/faqs.html#0.1_timeline">GSoC timeline</a>).
 		See you in the applications list!

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