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Updated README for 0.13.1 tag.

Now you know all the dirty tricks ;-)

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+Dear PS2 ScummVM user,
+here you will find the latest and the greatest PS2 backend ever!
+                   *** Changelog (0.13.1) ***
+- multi media : it's now not only possible to start PS2 ScummVM
+  from any media you like, but even store your game data, saved
+  games and themes on any media as well: DVD, HD, USB, MC, HOST.
+- remote : HOST: is a special device that represents a remote
+  computer on your network where you started "ps2client listen"
+  from the folder that you wish to export, which likely contains
+  your ScummVM games, etc.
+  Yes, you got it right! You don't need to install the games
+  again if you have them already installed on your PC ;-)
+- shared saved : since now you can share the games with your
+  other machines, it made a lot of sense to be able to share
+  saved games between them and the PS2 ScummVM backend, so
+  UCL has been dropped, and voila, I was eventually able to
+  finish The Dig which I started many years ago on my laptop
+  in London, sitting on a coach in Miami (of course I brought
+  the laptop with me, but I could have done it over internet).
+- RTL : on popular demand when you are quitting a game you are
+  now taken back to the main game launcher when you can choose
+  another game, or quit for good. So if you are stuck in a game
+  and need to refresh your ideas playing another cool ScummVM
+  game, you can do it without restarting the PlayStation2 and
+  reloading ScummVM.
+- global caching : we enabled file caching for remote file
+  access and other media (before it was only used for CD/DVD)
+  this should greatly enhance ScummVM feedback response.
+- enhanced NTSC/PAL detection : this should work better on
+  some of the latest slim PS2
+                         *** Installation ***
+Some media drivers require all capitalized letter, so to be on the
+safe side store the files (SCUMMVM.ELF and *.IRX) in upper case.
+Here comes a full list of the required *.IRX (don't worry they are all
+provided pre-compiled in the binary release ;-)
+Make sure they are all stored in the folder that contains your SCUMMVM.ELF!
+If you are starting ScummVM from CD/DVD then it will look for ScummVM.ini
+on the first MC and then on CD itself. In any other case it will look for
+a ScummVM.ini on the media folder from where you started SCUMMVM.ELF.
+                             *** Remote ***
+You will need "PS2IP.IRX", "PS2SMAP.IRX" and "PS2HOST.IRX" drivers too
+in the folder where you are starting SCUMMVM.ELF if you want to use
+the remote capability.
+The IP (ps2link default) is hardcoded in the source as
+"netArg" in irxboot.cpp, feel free to modify it to match your network
+If you are starting SCUMMVM.ELF over the net using ps2client then you
+are already set. If you are starting it in any other way, then you
+will have to "export" the folder where you are storing ScummVM games
+and data by starting ps2client from inside that folder. Eg. from a
+> ./ps2client -h [your ps2 ip] listen
+Do this -after- ScummVM is up and running otherwise it will fail to
+establish a connection.
+                           *** Gamepad ***
+The mapping is:
+Start Button         -   GMM
+R1                   -   'y'
+L1                   -   'n'
+L2                   -   Numpad 0
+Triangle             -   Escape
+Square               -   Enter
+Cross                -   Left mouse button
+Circle               -   Right mouse button
+                            *** Bugs ***
+Though we made our best to make this release as bug free as possible
+there are still a few bugs left:
+ - COMI GMM : in 0.13.1 is not currently possible to load & save COMI
+   games, because when calling the in-game menu (GMM) a subtle stack
+   crash is triggered which kisses a goodbye to the PS2 ScummVM :-(
+   This bug might affect other games or general stability, but if you
+   are using the precompiled ELF we are providing, or compiling with
+   the same set of engines and options it should only affect COMI.
+   Please do let us know if it affects your gaming experience in any
+   other way.
+ - remote ScummVM.ini : if you are storing ScummVM.ini on your HOST
+   in the network and ScummVM crashes, the content of the hard-disk,
+   ehm, kidding!, the content of ScummVM.ini might get corrupted.
+   Please make sure you backup it once in a while.
+ - file handling speed : (not really a bug, but a nuisance) : there
+   is probably space for some more optimization in the current file
+   management. The only case when it really bogs me it's when you
+   try to select a saved game and there is some lag.
+   Some game could start faster too when this is optimized.
+ - feel free to add your bug, suggestion, secret wish to this list!
+Now enough reading, rush to your PlayStation2 and start playing!
+Are you still reading?
+Have a lot of fun,
+ - Max Lingua

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-ScummVM-PS2 0.8.2 Readme
-You need a PlayStation 2 with a modchip of your choice in order to run ScummVM.
-ScummVM expects the game data on CD-R/DVD-R, on the Harddisk or on a USB mass
- storage device.
- It tries to mount the HDD partition hdd0:+ScummVM on startup and basically
- treats it in the same way as the DVD drive.
- Creating the partition and putting the datafiles there is up to you.
- Not all USB mass storage devices are supported, but the most common ones should
-  work. If you attach a device and it gets recognized, it will show up together
-  with the CD/DVD drive and HDD in the "Add Game" dialog.
- Most USB Mice and Keyboards should work, too. I have a Logitech MX500 mouse that
-  doesn't work, all the other devices I tried worked fine.
-Creating a CD-R using CD-Tool
-Copy any games you want on the CD over into the directory where you extracted
- the ZIP file. Don't copy any files directly into the directory of the
- ScummVM.ELF, those files are ignored. Instead, have each game in its own
- directory.
- File- and directorynames should be DOS 8+3, if they aren't, they'll get
-  renamed.
- If you run windows, just double click the make_iso.bat.
-  Wait while it creates the ISO image and burn it with Nero
-  or any other CD writing software.
- For Linux or Mac OS X binaries check http://www.nobis-crew.org/cd-tool/
- Unfortunately, writing DVD images with cd-tool is currently broken.
-  This problem will probably be fixed in the nearer future.
-If you want to create a CD/DVD without CD-Tool, make sure to put the ELF,
- the SYSTEM.CNF and all the IRXs into the CD/DVD's root directory.
-- The Curse of Monkey Island only works correctly from HDD.
-   Playing it from CD/DVD will initially seem to work, but you will
-   experience random crashes.
-- Compressed SAN files need a lot of CPU power, probably because of zlib,
-   and are constantly out of sync. Uncompressed SANs play fine though, so
-   compress_san is NOT recommended.
-- The cd/dvd drive is a bottleneck, that's why you should compress the games
-   with MP3 using compress_scumm_sou / compress_scumm_bun / compress_sword1 /
-   compress_sword2 etc, but NOT compress_san.
-- I haven't had time to implement a virtual keyboard. If you don't have a USB
-   keyboard, you can only enter '1's using the Select button.
-   (for copy protection screens as well as savegame names)
-- When you see '1's and '0's flying across your screen, it means ScummVM is
-   accessing the Memory Card. Don't switch off or reset the console in that
-   case, and don't remove the Memory Card either :P
-Start Button         -   F5
-Select Button        -   Figure 1
-L1                   -   'n'
-R1                   -   'y'
-L2                   -   Numpad 0
-Triangle             -   Escape
-Square               -   Enter
-Cross                -   Left mouse button
-Circle               -   Right mouse button
-Left analog stick    -   Mouse. Disabled when USB mouse is detected.
-Changes since 0.8.0 RC3
-- USB Mass support was added

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