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     * How to Get ScummVM DS Onto Your DS - Simple Explanation
           o Using a CF/SD/Mini SD/Micro SD card reader and a DLDI driver
           o Instructions for specific card readers
-    * What to do if saving doesn't work or your card gets corruped -
-      force SRAM saves
     * How to use ScummVM DS
     * Game Specific Controls
     * DS Options Screen
@@ -43,6 +41,13 @@
       What's New?
+ScummVM DS 0.13.1
+ * Support for the ScummVM Global Main Menu (hold select during the game)
+ * The usual round of bugfixes
 ScummVM DS 0.12.0
  * New games supported: Lure of the Temptress, Nippon Safes, Lost in Time.
@@ -133,11 +138,25 @@
 You can download them from the main ScummVM site at 
+If you have a modern card reader, like an M3 Real or R4DS, getting
+ScummVM to run on your card is as simple as:
+ 1) Copy the scummvm NDS files on your MicroSD card using your
+    PC card reader
+ 2) Copy the games you want to play onto your MicroSD card in any
+    location, one per folder
+ 3) Boot the DS with the MicroSD card and card reader inserted
+ 4) Run the relevent build for the game you want to play (see
+    'Which games are compatible with ScummVM DS' below.
+ 5) Click 'Add Game'.  Select the folder where your game is stored.
+    Click 'OK'.  Click 'OK' in the settings dialog.
+ 6) Click 'Start'.
 NOTE: Previous version of ScummVM DS supported a method which used a
 zip file to run games on unsupported flash card readers.  This method
 is no longer supported.
       How to Get ScummVM DS Onto Your DS - Using a CF/SD/Mini SD/Micro
       SD card reader and a DLDI driver
@@ -186,7 +205,7 @@
       Either way, you should see 'Patched Successfully'. If you don't,
       you're doing something wrong.
-      You need to patch one of the builds labeled A - F depending on
+      You need to patch one of the builds labeled A - H depending on
       which game you want to run. See the table on the ScummVM DS
       website to see which games are supported by which build.
@@ -272,9 +291,6 @@
       hold the 'select' button during boot to disable FlashMe, which
       will allow the NinjaDS to work. Due to this, it is not recommended
       to install FlashMe if you use a NinjaDS.
-    * *EZ-Flash*: This card reader uses .ds.gba files from the ScummVM
-      archive. Rename them to .nds before patching them with the DLDI
-      patcher.
     * *R4DS*: If you upgrade the firmware for your R4DS to version 1.10
       or later, the card will autmatically DLDI patch the game, meaning
       you don't have to use dlditool to patch the .NDS file. This makes
@@ -288,7 +304,7 @@
 I'm glad you asked. Here is a list of the compatible games in version
-0.12.0. Demo versions of the games listed should work too.
+0.13.1. Demo versions of the games listed should work too.
 Flight of the Amazon Queen, Beneath a Steel Sky, and Lure of the
 Temptress have generously been released as freeware by the original 
@@ -378,48 +394,16 @@
 Nippon Safes                              G
-There is no support for Full Throttle, The Dig, or The Curse of Monkey
-Island because of memory issues. There simply is not enough RAM on the
-DS to run these games. Sorry. Also there is no support for Windows Humongous
-Entertainment games. The extra code required to make this work uses up
-too much RAM.
+Full Throttle and The Dig can run on the DS using an external RAM pack
+plugged into slot-2 (the GBA slot).  To do this, download the special
+build of ScummVM DS from here: http://forums.scummvm.org/viewtopic.php?t=7044
-      What to do when saving doesn't work or your card gets corrupted -
-      forcing SRAM Saves
-      ------------------------------------------------------------------------
+There is no support for Windows Humongous Entertainment games, Broken Sword,
+and all other games that run at 640x480 resolution.  The DS cannot cope with
+scaling these games down to 256x192, the resolution of the DS screens.
-This method only works for cards which use the Game Boy Advance slot on the
-bottom of your DS.
-If ScummVM DS cannot save games to your SD card, or it causes corruption
-when it does, you can force it to use GBA SRAM to save the game. This
-uses your flash cart reader's GBA features to save the game to a .sav or
-.dat file (depending on the reader). Only slot-2 devices can use SRAM saves, 
-and only ones with support for GBA games.
-If you want to use SRAM save, just create a text file called scummvm.ini
-(or scummvmb.ini, scummvmc.ini for builds B or C) in the root of your
-card which contains the following:
-When you boot your game, ScummVM DS will not save games to your SD card
-directly, instead it will save to GBA SRAM. On most cards, you need to
-transfer the data to your SD card by rebooting and using your card
-reader's boot-up menu. Using this method, around four saves can me made.
-One disadvantage of forcing SRAM saves is that your settings won't be
-saved. You can add games manually to the ini file so that you don't have
-to select them on each boot. Just add a section like the following on
-for each game on your card.
-description=Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (English/DOS)
       How to Use ScummVM
@@ -661,12 +645,14 @@
 IMA-ADPCM 4-bit Mono. You may use any sample rate. All other formats
 will be rejected, including uncompressed WAV files.
+Since this sound format is a standard, you should be able to create it
+in a variety of software.  
 Now I will to describe how to rip your CD tracks with Cdex, which can be
 found here: Cdex Homepage <http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdexos/>.
-Other software can be used to create IMA ADPCM files under Linux or
+If you're using MacOS or Linux, I suggest using Audacity
-To set this up in Cdex, select Settings from the Options menu. On the
+To encode audio in Cdex, select Settings from the Options menu. On the
 Encoder tab, select 'WAV Output Encoder'. Under 'Encoder Options',
 choose the following:
@@ -733,6 +719,17 @@
 *A:* Hold down the left shoulder button and use D-pad (or the touch
 screen) to scroll the screen around.
+*Q:* I don't get speech or sound effects in my Lucasarts games.  What's
+*A:* Do you have a monster.sog file?  If so, this is the wrong kind of
+speech file for ScummVM DS.  Copy the monster.sou file present on your
+original CD or floppies, and you will have speech.
+*Q:* Can ScummVM take advantage of the DSi?
+*A:* At the moment, no.  While some homebrew does run on the DSi, at
+the time of writing, it cannot access any of the DSi's new features.
+When it does, a version of ScummVM for the DSi may be possible.
 *Q:* I dont see a menu when I press Start in Flight of the Amazon Queen
 or Simon the Sorcerer. Is ScummVM broken?
 *A:* No. To save in Simon the Sorcerer, click 'use', then click on the
@@ -744,34 +741,20 @@
 of ScummVM. Delete the MP3 tracks and reencode them to ADPCM WAV files
 as described in the CD audio section.
-*Q:* When will you support my Mini/Micro SD card reader? I want it!
-Pretty please?
-*A:* ScummVM uses DLDI drivers. If your card reader manufacturer doesn't
-provide a driver, there is nothing I can do about it. The people to ask
-are the card reader manufacturers themselves.
 *Q:* Can't you use the extra RAM in the M3/Supercard or the official
 Opera Expansion Pack to support more games like The Dig and Full
 Throttle? DS Linux has done it, so why can't you?
-*A:* Not at the moment. The extra RAM has certain differences to the
-build in RAM which makes it difficult to use for general programs. As
-ScummVM DS is an official port, the changes to the ScummVM code base
-must be minimal to avoid making the code difficult to read for other
-users. I do have plans to work on this some time in the future, but
-don't nag me about when it'll be done. If and when there's progress with
-this, I will post on the ScummVM forums about it.
+*A:* Yes!  The Dig and Full Throttle are playable with some limitations.
+See the forum thread here for a download: 
 *Q:* ScummVM DS turns off my DS when I hit 'Quit' in the game or quit
 from the frontend. Why doesn't it return to the menu?
-*A:* Due to bugs in the ScummVM codebase, many of the ScummVM games
-cannot quit cleanly leaving the machine in the same state as when it
-started. You will notice that no other versions of ScummVM can quit back
-to the menu either. This will be fixed at some time in the future.
+*A:* To return to the game launcher, hold 'Select' during the game
+to access the main ScummVM menu, then click 'Return to Launcher'
@@ -836,5 +819,10 @@
 For other builds, substitute the letters b - g in the above line.
+To build everything, type:
+make allbuildssafe

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