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Tue Mar 1 15:11:25 CET 2011

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5b50113bc0 CREDITS: Credit madmoose Smacker video decoder

Commit: 5b50113bc089a885290a0b7d2d9db0aadad78c0b
Author: madmoose (thomas at fach-pedersen.net)
Date: 2011-03-01T06:10:39-08:00

Commit Message:
CREDITS: Credit madmoose Smacker video decoder

Changed paths:

diff --git a/AUTHORS b/AUTHORS
index 758d193..9504f6d 100644
@@ -405,7 +405,7 @@ Other contributions
      Paolo Costabel        - PSP port contributions
      Martin Doucha         - CinE engine objectification
-     Thomas Fach-Pedersen  - ProTracker module player
+     Thomas Fach-Pedersen  - ProTracker module player, Smacker video decoder
      Tobias Gunkel         - Sound support for C64 version of MM/Zak, Loom
                              PCE support
      Janne Huttunen        - V3 actor mask support, Dig/FT SMUSH audio
diff --git a/gui/credits.h b/gui/credits.h
index 926adf4..a75af3c 100644
--- a/gui/credits.h
+++ b/gui/credits.h
@@ -456,7 +456,7 @@ static const char *credits[] = {
 "C0""Martin Doucha",
 "C2""CinE engine objectification",
 "C0""Thomas Fach-Pedersen",
-"C2""ProTracker module player",
+"C2""ProTracker module player, Smacker video decoder",
 "C0""Tobias Gunkel",
 "C2""Sound support for C64 version of MM/Zak, Loom PCE support",
 "C0""Janne Huttunen",
diff --git a/tools/credits.pl b/tools/credits.pl
index b72d38b..0d5b332 100755
--- a/tools/credits.pl
+++ b/tools/credits.pl
@@ -958,7 +958,7 @@ begin_credits("Credits");
 		  add_person("Stuart Caie", "", "Decoders for Amiga and AtariST data files (AGOS engine)");
 		  add_person("Paolo Costabel", "", "PSP port contributions");
 		  add_person("Martin Doucha", "next_ghost", "CinE engine objectification");
-		  add_person("Thomas Fach-Pedersen", "madmoose", "ProTracker module player");
+		  add_person("Thomas Fach-Pedersen", "madmoose", "ProTracker module player, Smacker video decoder");
 		  add_person("Tobias Gunkel", "hennymcc", "Sound support for C64 version of MM/Zak, Loom PCE support");
 		  add_person("Janne Huttunen", "", "V3 actor mask support, Dig/FT SMUSH audio");
 		  add_person("Kovács Endre János", "", "Several fixes for Simon1");

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