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wjp wjp at usecode.org
Wed Oct 2 00:42:15 CEST 2013

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92bd22b1d5 WINTERMUTE: Fix regression in ticketing

Commit: 92bd22b1d54b60d432dc148615eaea61503f8605
Author: Willem Jan Palenstijn (wjp at usecode.org)
Date: 2013-10-01T15:41:18-07:00

Commit Message:
WINTERMUTE: Fix regression in ticketing

This caused a crash when pressing 'New Game' in the Black Circle demo.
Regression from 544e4a2f49630cecbf06fe5b1e11bdbab1bdb281.

Changed paths:

diff --git a/engines/wintermute/base/gfx/osystem/base_render_osystem.cpp b/engines/wintermute/base/gfx/osystem/base_render_osystem.cpp
index 3969162..e9eea07 100644
--- a/engines/wintermute/base/gfx/osystem/base_render_osystem.cpp
+++ b/engines/wintermute/base/gfx/osystem/base_render_osystem.cpp
@@ -324,6 +324,7 @@ void BaseRenderOSystem::invalidateTicketsFromSurface(BaseSurfaceOSystem *surf) {
 void BaseRenderOSystem::drawFromTicket(RenderTicket *renderTicket) {
 	renderTicket->_wantsDraw = true;
+	_drawNum++;
 	// In-order
 	if (_renderQueue.empty() || _lastFrameIter == _renderQueue.end()) {
@@ -354,6 +355,7 @@ void BaseRenderOSystem::drawFromQueuedTicket(const RenderQueueIterator &ticket)
 	} else {
 		// Remove the ticket from the list
+		assert(*_lastFrameIter != renderTicket);
 		// Is not in order, so readd it as if it was a new ticket

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