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dreammaster dreammaster at scummvm.org
Wed Oct 16 02:27:42 CEST 2013

This automated email contains information about 1 new commit which have been
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ffdb024c8c TSAGE: Fix R2R loading of voice index

Commit: ffdb024c8c2b098ca67fcd8b78c5ffcfc21e1c7b
Author: Paul Gilbert (dreammaster at scummvm.org)
Date: 2013-10-15T17:26:43-07:00

Commit Message:
TSAGE: Fix R2R loading of voice index

Changed paths:

diff --git a/engines/tsage/sound.cpp b/engines/tsage/sound.cpp
index a5480fe..a9520a8 100644
--- a/engines/tsage/sound.cpp
+++ b/engines/tsage/sound.cpp
@@ -2534,7 +2534,7 @@ void PlayStream::ResFileData::load(Common::SeekableReadStream &stream) {
 	_indexSize = stream.readUint16LE();
 	_chunkSize = stream.readUint16LE();
-	stream.skip(20);
+	stream.skip(18);
 PlayStream::PlayStream(): EventHandler() {

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